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    ePub Readers for Surface - How to Read ePub on Surface Tablet?

    Reading eBooks is many people's habit to spend the leisure time. For all digital media, ePub is one of the most popular eBook formats and most eBook readers can support. If you newly got a Microsoft Surface tablet, you may ask, “How can I read ePub files on the Surface tablet? Is there any application which can help me?” Unlike Apple iPad, Surface has no the default reading application like iBooks. But here I list 3 available applications which can work as an ePub reader for Surface.

    ePub reading app for Surface: Metro Reader

    Metro Reader is the first ePub offline reader for Windows 8. It supports eBooks in ePub and TXT format. Currently, this app supports 3 languages: English(United States), Chinese, Russian. And it has Night mode support. In its settings bar, you can set the font freely. The user-friendly application has clean and intuitive design, so easy to use for anyone.

    This app is available in Windows Store>>

    ePub reader for Surface: Adobe Digital Editions

    As we know, Adobe Digital Editions is Adobe company's eReading software, which is available for Windows PC, Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Android tablets, etc. In the not far future, I think ADE will definitely be able to support Surface tablet. This app even allows you to read DRM free ePub books, and supports multiple bookmarks.

    Read ePub on Surface with NOOK App

    NOOK is the name of Barnes&Noble company's eReading device, as well as the eReading software for PC, Mac and tablets. NOOK has the versions for iPad, Android, and other popular mobile devices. Since Surface is so popular nowadays, there will also be the Surface version – Nook for Surface, in the not far future.

    NOTE: Until the time when the article is written, only the Metro Reader link is available in Windows Store. Adobe Digital Editions and Nook app can't be downloaded via Windows Store currently.

    Extended Tip: If you have Kindle books and want to read on Surface, you need to use ePub Creator to convert MOBI to ePub format. Or you can use Kindle application for Surface. To know more detailes of how to, you can see the related article: How to read Kindle books on Surface Tablet