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    Top 5 Halloween Movies for Kindle Fire (HD)

    With Halloween around the corner, what you have prepared for the season of horror? Attending a costume party? Visiting some haunted attractions? Playing pranks or just prepared with some horrible stories to scary your friends? If you are one of those whose favorite part is watching horror films, here is the top 5 best free Halloween movies we picked up from YouTube site. You can download these best free scary Halloween movies to your Kindle Fire HD, gather your family and be prepared for the terror.

    1. Freaks

    Percent positive reviews: 98%

    freaksF.W. Murnau, regarded as the best director in the early German, film the “Freaks” according to Bram Stoke’s original fiction “Count Dracula”. It is the first vampire zombie movie and describes a vampire who was living in a castle on the mountain. To chase a young man, the vampire comes to a seaside town. The infectious disease brought with the vampire makes more and more people die. In the end, he sucks the blood of a female victim but melted under the rising sun finally.

    2. Hocus Pocus

    Percent positive reviews: 93%

    hocus pocusThree witches who lived in the 17th century had been magically imprisoned for three hundred years. But now, on Halloween night, they are accidentally broke the spell and return to earth. In order to make their souls live eternally, these three witches must overcome various challenges and find out the place they were revoked the license. However, three children who are not superstitious just meet this batch of witches and set off a chain of interesting encounters.

    3. Dawn of the Dead

    Percent positive reviews: 95%

    dawn of the deadThis is an original world, but becomes a living hell caused by an unexplained plague. All the people who killed by the terrible virus are becoming a corpse. They treat the few survivors’ flesh for food. Faced with this more and more dangerous situation, the survivors of a young nurse and a police officer are going to guide other survivors to a safe island. Who will be the lucky one who can really escape from the living dead?

    4. Ghostbusters

    Percent positive reviews: 95%

    The film tells the story about 3 university professors, who are researching supernatural phenomenon, catching ghosts in New York. It is the combination of ghost film and comedy. You can fully enjoy the wit and humor in this film.

    5. The Nightmare before Christmas

    Percent positive reviews: 98%

    Disney and Tim Burton, the big director of science fiction, cooperate to create this cartoon. They use the traditional method to film the movie. It is very time-consuming but with high quality. The rhythm of the film is lively, the music is superb and it is full with the characteristics of black humor.

    Question: How to Convert YouTube Halloween Movies to Kindle Fire HD?

    Go to the YouTube site to free download these scary Halloween movies to your computer. We know most movies you got from YouTube are in FLV format, so if you want to enjoy YouTube movies on Kindle Fire HD, you should change these movies into the video format that supported by Kindle Fire HD. Here is a post teaching you how to convert downloaded YouTube videos to Kindle Fire HD. Hope can help you.