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    How to Convert CHM to ePub?

    CHM file is a complied HTML document. It is often used in Microsoft Windows Help files. Technical people like C++ developer often read CHM files. And more and more eBooks today have begun to use CHM as the format. However, opening and viewing CHM on non-PCs is not as easy as on PCs, such as how to read CHM on Mac, read CHM files on smartphones, open CHM on iPad? We know that ePub is a more welcomed format on multiple platforms than CHM. So converting CHM to ePub is needed. In this article, I will tell you how to do it with CHM to ePub Converter.

    My Personal Experience of Converting CHM Files to ePub

    I have an iPod touch. And several days ago, I got an eBook file from one of my friends. I can't read it on my iTouch because it is in CHM format. On my iTouch, I have iBooks but it only recognize books in ePub and PDF format. So I began to search for ways to convert CHM files to ePub format on the Google search engine.

    Online CHM to ePub Converters

    After reading multiple articles related to CHM to ePub conversion, I tried many ways just as those articles said. Some famous online conversion sites including Zamzar.com, Convertfiles.com, Online-convert.com are all tried by me. Uploaded the CHM to the online site, and then download the result to computer. There are no obvious differences among the conversion results. Some online conversion sites provide the download link directly after conversion. Some send the download link to your email address.

    Free CHM to ePub converter for desktop

    I searched for desktop CHM to ePub converters through Google search engine. Of course, I found many CHM to ePub Converters from various developers. However, I don't want to use them because they are only free to download the trial version and needs to pay for the full version.

    Finally, I found Calibre. With this tool, I got an excellent ePub output file. The most surprising thing is that it is totally free. Furthermore, it is both available to Mac OS X and Windows XP, Win 7, Vista.