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    How to Convert ePub to Plain Text Format with Freeware?

    What is ePub?

    ePub, an open and free standard, can automatically rearrange, adjust and display contents according to different devices. To read ePub on PC, you can use Stanza, Adobe Digital Editions, as well as plugins on FireFox. ePub metadata is in XML format and can be created with XML tools, as well as iPubsoft ePub Creator. Represented by Google and Apple, at present, many companies use ePub as the digital format.

    What is TXT?

    TXT is the most common text format on Microsoft operating system. Early used in DOS, it is used as store text information. TXT can be opened with notepad, browsers, etc.

    Why convert ePub to TXT?

    Compared with ePub, TXT is much lighter and easier to edit. TXT is the format which can be viewed with computers and more devices such as Amazon Kindle. Furthermore, TXT format is so simple that your devices won’t be infected by viruses.

    How to convert ePub files into plain TXT?

    The most complicated method is to open ePub with RAR tool, then you can see one or more HTML files. Double click to open the HTML, and then copy and paste them into TXT format. Besides, there are also excellent converters which can help you turn ePub to TXT in one click.

    Free Desktop ePub to TXT Converters

    Hamster is a free eBook converter which supports multiple eBook formats. This program was developed in 2010 and now is available in more than 50 countries over the world. Just within 3 steps, you can finish the conversion: Load files - Select output format - Start.

    hamster converter

    Calibre is a famous eBook management tool. Originally developed in 2006, this freeware has already developed into a professional and famous eBook tool, known by a lot of eBook fans. It supports Amazon, Apple, Bookeen, Ectaco, Endless Ideas, Google/HTC, Sony Reader, and so on. Very powerful tool.

    calibre screenshot

    Hamster vs Calibre:

    Both of them are superb tools for converting files. Calibre has more features than Hamster. With Calibre, you can manage library, send converted files to device, download news from the web, etc. The most important point is, Calibre has both Windows and Mac versions, however, Hamster only supports Windows platforms currently.

    Extended recommendation:

    Sometimes you also need to build an ePub from other formats. Then this ePub Builder can help you a lot. It enables you to create ePub from TXT, MOBI, PRC, DOC, DOCX, HTML, HTM with fast speed and excellent quality.