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    Read Valentine's Day Themed Books on Kindle

    What have you prepared for the forthcoming 2013 Valentine's Day? Whether you are celebrating the day of hearts by preparing a romantic candle dinner, reciting love poems aloud, taking in a movie, or going out for a trip, you can just find the right Valentine's Day themed books in Amazon.com for your Kindle, Kindle Fire or Kindle Paperwhite to make the day more festive.

    After you getting these Valentine's Day themed eBooks on your Kindle, you can read the tutorial about how to share Kindle books with friends to share these books with your beloved.

    1. Catching Jordan (by Miranda Kenneally)

    All you need to know indeed about American football to enjoy the book - Catching Jordan is that they throw the ball a lot. It is the kind of book that you pick up to read and find that you can't put it down until you have turned the last page. A wonderful young adult novel about following your dream and facing life's realities.

    2. His Secret Valentine (by Kate Hoffmann)

    Charlotte Keats has a newspaper to run together with her first boyfriend Sam Harper, but that doesn't mean they both have to love it. Actually they are always arguing about everything. However, then Charlotte give an anonymous Valentine to prove a point, his cold exterior melts.

    3. Fallen in Love (by Lauren Kate)

    The whole story written in this book takes place sometime over the Passion novel, during a special Valentine's Day. There is a lot of insight to be gained in this book and some new character revelations make the book even more intereasting and attractive for Lauren Kate fans.

    4. A Lucy Stone Mystery (by Leslie Meier)

    A cozy book to read on a cold winter day. Lots of fun you can find in this book. The story takes place on a Valentine's Day in Tinker's Cove and when the cupcakes Lucy Stone is baking for her children, Lucy's thoughts fly away. She has barely arrived at her first board meeting of the library when the new librarian is found dead in the basement...

    5. Ten Things We Did (by Sarah Mlynowski)

    The writing in this book is easy going and the characters are very intereasting and likable. You would laugh out loud from time to time during the reading. You can easily flew through this novel and wish it didn't have to end. If you love teenage girl and hilarity, you cannot miss this book.

    ten things we did

    The Other Five Wonderful Valentine's Day eBooks for Kindle

    6. The Killer Valentine Ball (by C.A. Verstraete)

    7. Why Men Love Bitches (by Sherry Argov)

    8. Forever Valentine (by Bianca D'Arc)

    9. Valentine's Secret Child (by Christine Rimmer)

    10. All Through the Night (by Connie Brockway)