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    How to Share Kindle Fire / Paperwhite Books with your Friends?

    It has already become a daily habit for you to read wonderful eBooks on Kindle and when you purchase a good eBook from Amazon Store, you may eager to share your joy with your friends or your family. So, the question is: How to share Kindle books with other people? We know that some Kindle books have DRM protection. You must remove the restriction first before you can share them with others. Take it easy. Here we will recommend 3 simple ways to share Kindle books.

    Way 1: Share Books between Kindles with The Same Account

    This method only takes effect under the condition that the people you want to share the book with is close to you. We know that one Amazon account can be authorized on 6 Kindle devices. So, you should do as follows:

    Firstly, ask your friend to de-register his Kindle and tell your Kindle ID and password to him.

    Next, let your friend use your Kindle ID to register his Kindle.

    At last, your books will appear on the cloud of your friend and he can sync the books now.

    Way 2: Share Kindle Books by Lending out

    Some books can be lent out and some can't. So you must check if the book is allowed to be lent out. Look at the product detail of the Kindle book you want to share. If the book is able to be lent out, here will be "Lending: Enabled". Follow the below steps:

    share kindle books

    1. Navigate to the menu of "Actions" and click the link of "Loan this book". Fill in the name and email address of the people who you want to share the book with in the following form.

    2: After filling the information, click the button of "Send now" and then the book will be successfully sent to your friend.

    3. Your friend now can click on the button of "Get your loaned book now" on his Kindle, choose the device which he wants to play the book and click the button of "Accept".

    Done! Please note the loaned book is only available for 2 weeks.

    Way 3: Share Books on Kindle by Converting MOBI to ePub

    Most eReaders can't read Kindle books because of the format compatibility issue. We know the Kindle devices can support files in MOBI, PRC, TXT, PDF and AZW while most eReaders, like iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPhone, Nook, Kobo and etc. prefer ePub format. If you want share Kindle books on more eReaders, I think you need the MOBI to ePub Converter. It is an ideal solution to convert MOBI or PRC Kindle format to ePub with ultra fast speed. No quality loss.

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