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    How to Scan Books to eBooks for Reading Kindle?

    It is becoming more and more popular to read eBooks on portable devices on the go. This revolutionary way of reading drives people to buy more and more eBooks from the online stores instead of dipping in and out their local ones. Well, it would be excited news for you that you can turn your paper books to eBooks for reading on portable devices right now. The advantage of this is you don't have to spend extra money in purchasing the eBooks in the same titles as your physical books. Also you can reuse your old and dusty paper books in a fashionable way. Sounds wonderful, isn't it?

    Then, how to transfer your paper books to your digital devices? Here we will set scanning books to Kindle for example. We know the file formats Kindle supported are MOBI, AZW, TXT, PDF and PRC. We offer two ways to tell you how to scan books to Kindle friendly formats.

    scan books to kindle

    Way 1: Scan Books to PDF for Kindle with Scanner

    Things you'll need: Scanner and OCR software

    1. Install a scanner and connect it to your computer. Run the scanning program on your PC and click the button of "Settings" or "Options". Set "PDF" as the output format.

    2. Open the cover of the scanner, select the paper book that you want to scan and place the first section on the scanner bed.

    3. Run the OCR application (you can use Adobe Acrobat), click the button of "Preview" and crop to remove the white space. Select resolution and size of the book.

    4. After above steps, you can click the "Scan" button to start the scanning. Wait until the scanning finished and then you can find the output PDF file by opening the "Destination Folder". That's all!

    scan pdf to kindle with scanner

    Way 2: Scan Books to eBooks for Kindle with 1DollarScan

    1DollarScan is a service which can help you scan paper books to eBook for most eReaders like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Kindle, Android, Sony Reader and Nook. Customers send their paper books, documents, photos and other printed material to the iDollarScan office by post or via email. Scanning 100 pages will cost you 1 dollar, that's why the company called 1DollarScan.

    1DollarScan also provide the service to scan your books to PDF files by using its Fine Tune technology. We know different devices have different screen size, so this technology will optimize and tune the PDF file to perfectly fit for different devices.


    Tips: It is not an ideal way to read PDF eBooks on Kindle since PDF is just like an image that you need to zoom in and out to fit the PDF page to your Kindle screen. We kindly suggest you convert image-based scanned PDF to text-based Text documents with PDF Converter Pro for reading on Kindle.