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    How to Read Kindle Books on Kobo Vox?

    Question from the web: My husband has a Kindle Fire and I am constantly defending my Kobo Vox as it stands up to verbal abuse from the Kindle fans in my house. Has anyone tried to sync Kindle books with the Kobo? That would greatly help my cause to have my Kobo be accepted and appreciated in my house.

    Well, transferring Kindle books to Kobo Vox is possible but not trivial. You need to break the DRM protection from Kindle books and then convert them to ePub format, which is friendly to Kobo Vox. Kindle DRM Removal and MOBI to ePub Converter will help you realize it with no quality losing.

    Part A: Remove DRM Protection from Kindle MOBI Books

    For this part, what you need is the Kindle DRM Removal that can easily strip DRM from Amazon Kindle books. All what you need to do is install the program on your computer, launch it and click "Remove DRM". Then, it will detect your computer to find the DRMed Kindle books automatically. You can also click "Browse" to select and import your Kindle books manually. After that, the program will do the rest job to decrypt the DRM for you.

    Tip: You'd better install "Kindle for PC" on your computer and download books via this program so as to gain a fully successful decryption result.

    Part B: Convert Kindle MOBI to ePub for Viewing on Kobo Vox

    After removing the DRM protection from Kindle books, you will need to convert them to Kobo friendly format: ePub. MOBI to ePub Converter will help you complete this task. Using MOBI to ePub Converter is as simple as doing 1-2-3 steps. You'll enjoy yourself in the conversion thanks to the batch conversion mode, super fast conversion speed and impressive high quality conversion result.

    convert kindle books to kobo vox

    Now, you just need to connect your Kobo Vox to the computer and add the converted ePub books to it. Enjoy them on your device freely!

    For Mac users, please go to see MOBI to ePub for Mac.

    download windows versiondownload mac version

    Extra Solution: Read Kindle Books on Kobo Vox with Kindle Android App

    No more need to have a read Kindle device to read Kindle books. The Kindle app provides you with a huge access to over a million books at your fingertips. Just free download it from Google Play Store to your Kobo Vox. Launch it and log into your account. Then, you can choose from over a million Kindle books, magazine or newspaper with high-resolution color images. Ok, now, you can freely read your favorite Kindle books on your Kobo Vox.

    kindle app for kobo