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    How to Get Voice Recordings off iPad Air to Mac?


    "Is there a way to get long voice memos off of my iPad and import to my Mac iTunes without having to sync my music? I manually manage my music and don't want to have all of my songs removed after I hit the sync button."

    "I've started using the Voice Memos app on my new iPad and it's simple and darn useful. But how can I copy the voice memo recording from the tablet to a Mac so as to share it with a friend or save it on the computer more conveniently?"

    Have you ever come across with a similar issue before? If you are puzzled by similar problems, then the article here can be rightly the guide for your perplexed. In the following guide, we will show you how to get voice recordings off iPad to Mac easily in simple steps. To be mentioned, a third party program is undoubtedly needed if you want to export voice recordings and memos from an iPad without syncing any other unnecessary files.Here, we will take use of iPubsoft iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer software to show you an easy way to move voice memo recordings from an iPad to Mac. Let's keep on reading to have a check of the details now!

    download mac versiondownload windows version

    Note for Windows Users: If you want to transfer iPad voice memos to a Windows computer, then the iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer would be a more suitable tool for you to do the job.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Trasnfer iPad Voice Memos Recordings to Mac

    Step 1: Get ready for iPad voice memos transfer to Mac.

    Connect your iPad to Mac. After that, install and launch the transfer tool on your Mac to let detect your iPad info and files automatically. After detection, you will see the software interface as below shown.

    trasnfer ipad voice memos to mac software

    Step 2: Get voice recordings off iPad to Mac.

    The left panel of the program showed your iPad library. Just go to choose the "Voice Memos" and then select the voice recordings you want to export from your iPad. After that, click to get the selected voice memos off iPad to your Mac.

    select to move voice memos from ipad to mac

    Note: If not do any other settings before the first transfer process, the program will export your selected voice memos into the default file folder on your Mac. So, once you want to save the iPad voice memos directly to a specified folder on the Mac, then you can click "Advanced" option from the top menu bar, and then select "Option" to adjust the output destination as you want. Once adjust any setting in the Option window, please remember to hit "OK" to confirm the changes before you kick off the transfer process.

    option settings for mac transfer tool

    Well, finished! This comprehensive transfer software also supports you to export photos, audio books, playlists, TV shows, e-books, songs, movies, etc. from any model of iPad, iPhone and iPod to Mac in similar operations. So, once you mastered how to get voice recordings off iPad to Mac with it, you can then feel leisure to backup many other files from your Apple iOS device to Mac without hassles! Try it now!

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