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    Sync iPad/iPhone/iPod with Multiple Computers

    Last time we talked about how to sync iPad with new computer, and now we are going to teach you how to sync iPad, iPhone and iPod with multiple computers with ease. We know it is quite easy to sync one device to one computer, but what if you need to sync you iDevice with your home and office computers simultaneously? Actually the iDevices can be synced with up to 5 different computers by authorizing them all to share the same iTunes account. Below are the detailed steps. Just follow them to sync your iPad, iPhone or iPod with multiple computers right now.

    Quick Start on How to Sync Your iDevice to Multiple Computers

    Preparation work: iPad, iPhone or iPod, USB cable

    1: Install latest iTunes on all the computers

    Go to the iTunes downloading webpage to download the latest version of iTunes and install it on all the computers that you want to sync your device with. If you have already installed the newest version of iTunes, you can skip to step 2 directly.

    2. Authorize your new computer

    Open the application of Settings on your iDevice and hit on the option of "Store". Pay attention to the iTunes account your are currently using on the device. Next, run iTunes on one of the computers, turn to the top of the iTunes window and open the "Store" menu. You'll be popped up with a window called "Authorize this computer". Just enter the username and password you are using on your device and then click on the button of "Authorize". The action will allows this computer access to the iTunes account.

    3. Start to sync iPad with new computer

    Go back to click on the "Store" menu in iTunes again and choose "Sign in". Input the iTunes account information and click the button of "Sign In". Now, this computer is fully linked to the iTunes account.

    4. Eject iPad from the new computer

    Connect your device to the computer via the USB cable. iTunes will find your device automatically and will add this device to the section of "Devices". Select your device from this section and then click the tab of "Summary". Turn to the lower-right corner and hit on the button of "Sync". After that, your device will be synchronized with the computer successfully.

    5. Sync Device with other computers in the same way

    Repeat the method above on other computers. Remember to authorize the computer first and then logged into the iTunes account before it can be synced with the iDevice.

    Tips and Warnings on Syncing iDevice with Multiple Computers

    1. The iPad/iPhone/iPod can be synced with up to 5 different computers on an iTunes account at any one time.

    2. You should de-authorize your computer if you no longer want to sync them with the device or the iTunes account

    3. The previous content in your device will be removed if you sign into a different iTunes account on the device or any of the computers.

    3. If you want to transfer or backup iPad files to your computer, you can ask iPad to Computer Transfer for assistance.

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