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    Mount/Use iPhone as External Hard Drive

    If there are any regrets when we compare iPhone with Android phones, "iPhone can’t be used as external flash drive" is estimated to the first regret. iPhone’s data transmission have to be through Apple iTunes. And all of the transferred data into iPhone is dealt with special formats, which can’t be exported again, except for using a third party iPhone to computer transfer software.

    mount iphone as disk

    iPhone has a 8G-memory. It is really a waste if you don’t make good use of the large memory. It will be perfect if you can use iPhone as a removable disk. Then how can you mount iPhone as disk? The simplest way is using a 3rd party program. I myself choose iPubsoft Adisk. Just as its name indicates, Adisk enables you to use an Apple device as a disk. It also has the Mac version: Adisk for Mac. The purpose of Adisk is to enable iOS users to use their iOS devices as if in the disk mode, for store, transfer, share data and files.

    download mac versiondownload windows version

    How to Use Adisk to turn iPhone into Flash Drive?

    Step1: Link iPhone to Mac

    Just like you did as usual, connect your iPhone to computer with its USB cable. Launch iPubsoft Adisk, and it will automatically recognize your device. If not, click "Refresh" button on the top. Once the device is scanned successfully, its capacity and free space information will be displayed at the bottom line of the program’s screen.

    Step2: Copy files from or to computer

    On the buttons line, click Copy to Computer or Copy to Device button to do the file transfer task.

    Important: One thing you need to know is that all your purchased music, video, photo, podcasts, etc. on iPhone won’t be scanned and listed by the program, since this program is not equally performed by iTunes, and the latter should be rather used to manage the playlists and other media to by synced to the devices, but the Adisk is only used to use iDevice as a USB drive for storing things.

    download mac versiondownload windows version