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    How to Convert ePub to MP3 Audio Format?

    It is enjoyable to read eBooks on your eReader. However, sometimes you might not be convenient to read. For example, when have a long driving. Read while walking or running should be impractical and dangerous. The advantage of an audiobook is that it can leave your eyes free. You can walk, run, work or do housework when you enjoy the audiobooks. In this article, we will teach you how to convert ePub, the most popular eBook format, to MP3, so that you can enjoy listening to the book content and do other activities as well.

    By the way, reading ePub books is no longer confined to those portable eReaders like iPad, iPad mini, Sony Reader, Kobo, Nook, etc. You can also read ePub books in web browsers like Firefox and Chrome without purchasing any ePub readers. Click the link to learn more.

    Turn eBooks to Audiobooks with Zamzar ePub to MP3 Converter

    Now, we will show you how to use the online ePub to MP3 Converter to turn an ePub eBook into an audiobook.


    All you need to do is: Upload your target ePub files to the web, 100MB at most. Click the down arrow beside the section of "Convert file(s) to" and choose MP3 in the "Music formats" category. Type your email address into the blank box to receive the converted files and finally to click the button of "Convert". Then, Zamzar will automatically convert all the imported ePub files to MP3 audio files and send them to your mail box.

    Extended Knowledge: What's Audiobooks?

    An audio book is an audio recording of a text being read. It was not necessarily an exact version of a book or magazine. In the past, it is common to see audiobooks distributed on tapes and CDs. Nowadays, you can download audiobooks from the Internet directly and then listen to them on your MP3 player, iPod, iPhone and computer as well.