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    How to Transfer Downloaded eBooks from Computer to Nook Tablet?

    Perhaps you have downloaded several eBooks onto your computer and now you are searching for a way to transfer them to your newly bought Nook Tablet for reading on the go. No need to look around for the way. Here are 2 free and simple ways to show you how to put eBooks to Nook Tablet.

    Note: Before you start to transfer these eBooks to Nook, you should check whether they have the DRM protection. If so, you need to remove the DRM at first. Here is an article recommend you with the best eBook DRM Removal.

    Way One: Transfer eBooks from PC to Nook via USB Cable

    1. Hook up your Nook Tablet to the computer using its USB cable.
    2. Open "My Computer" to select "Removable Disk" and open the "My Document" folder.
    3. Use drag-drop operation to move the eBooks from your computer hard drive to the "My Documents" folder, which is in the Nook drive folder.
    4. Eject your Nook from the computer. Now you can turn on your Nook Tablet, go to the "My Documents" folder and then you will see all the eBooks.

    Way Two: Use Calibre to Move eBooks to Nook Tablet

    1. Download the freeware Calibre, which can well support eBook management on almost all the major eReaders and tablets. Install it and then launch it on your computer.
    2. Click the "Add books" button and browse to the eBooks on your computer. Then, all the eBooks will be displayed in the program interface in list.
    3. Dock your Nook Tablet via USB to the computer.
    4. Turn to the program of Calibre, highlight the eBooks that you want to read on Nook, click the button of "Send to device" and then choose your Nook Tablet. After that, all the highlighted files will be sent to Nook automatically.

    Additional Tips: Convert eBooks to Nook Tablet

    As you know, not all eBooks can be recognized by Nook Tablet. If you find that you have successfully transfer the eBooks to Nook but can not read them, may be the format of your downloaded eBook is incompatible with your device. You need to convert eBooks to Nook supported file format, ePub. iPubsoft ePub Creator (ePub Creator for Mac) is such a tool to solve this problem. It can quickly convert files like HTML, PDF, MOBI, TEXT and Word to ePub format with all original file elements highly preserved.

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