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    3 Applications for Reading ePub Files on Mac

    There are many ePub readers for PC. However, for eBook fans who are using Mac, it is not so convenient to read ePub on Mac. So here I will introduce 3 FREE ways of how to read ePub on Mac OS X.

    ePub Reader for Mac: Adobe Digital Editions

    mac epub reader developed by adobeMost ePub readers running on computer have both PC and Mac versions. The most famous one is Adobe Digital Editions. This eBook reading program developed by Adobe supports ePub and PDF perfectly. Different from other eReaders, it has powerful ability of managing eBook library. Thanks to its clear and intuitive interface, you can conveniently manage, display, arrange and read books by name, author, publisher. This application is available in Adobe official site.

    Mac ePub Reader: Barnes&Noble Nook

    read epub on mac with nookThe second choice is using desktop eReaders developed by producers like Barnes&Noble. We know BN has its own eReading device called Nook. In fact, it has desktop software with the same name. Go to BN official site, and you can find Nook for PC, Nook for Mac. With Nook for Mac application, you can buy and download books from over 2.5 million titles. Besides, you are allowed to add notes, highlights, and bookmarks in Nook for Mac. The LendMe technology even enables you to share books with friends who are using Nook. This application is available in BN official site.

    Mac OS X ePub Reader: Kitabu

    read epub files on macAnother method I wanna introduce here is also an application: Kitabu. This is a great app developed by a company called SixtyFour. Although its developer is not so well-known as Adobe or Barnes&Noble, Kitabu can bring you an excellent reading experience. Specially designed to read ePub on desktop, this ePub reader for Mac allows you to drag and drop ePub books into its interface, select the font, background, and start reading in 2 views. This application is available in Mac App Store.

    Short Summary : If you have a Nook device, the second application is the best choice. Adobe Digital Editions is a little difficult to manage for new users, but it is rather powerful. Kitabu is simple to use, but it has no PDF support.