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    Legal Way to Remove PDF Restrictions

    As you know that, PDF is currently the most popular file format which is widely used in many industries to present, share, deliver or print project presentations, forms and so on. But, sometimes many users like to protect their PDF files printing, copying, and modifying with an Owner password.

    Have you ever come across a scenario wherein you want to edit, copy, or print a PDF document, but failed to do so due to the restrictions applied on these PDF files? Do you want to make the PDF files copyable and printable? If you once come across the case need to remove PDF restrictions and get access to PDF printing, text copying, form filling, editing, commenting, page extracting, and content copying etc., don't hesitate to give a try for iPubsoft PDF Password Remover.

    In this article, I will tell you how to unrestrict PDF legally with this legal and helpful PDF password/restriction remover software. If you know the password and can copy, print and edit the document without problem, but still feel inconvenient and boring to type the password each time you have to make use of them, then you can also try out the easy method below to remove restrictions from PDF. It's fairly easy for you to remove PDF restrictions to copy and modify PDF Files with leisure.

    Follow This Guide to Unrestrict PDF Files from Password Protection Now!

    Before using this PDF restriction remover software to crack the copy, print or edit restrictions from PDF files, you need to download it first.

    Note: You are a Mac user? Don't worry, there is the iPubsoft PDF Password Remover for Mac can do you a favor to unrestrict PDF on a Mac in easy steps. The operations are similar to the Windows one. So, you can also refer to the steps here to try it out for yourself now! Or, you may also have a check of the simple guide how to crack PDF password on Mac for an instead.

    Are you ready? If yes, just let's start the easy solution to remove PDF restrictions now.

    Step 1: Run Software

    First of all, run the installed PDF restriction remover tool on the computer. In the first interface, there are two notes you need to know. Please keep these notes in your minds just in case.

    pdf restriction remover software

    Step 2. Load Restricted PDF Files

    There are two ways for you to upload PDF files into the program. You can simply hit the "Add Files" tab browse, select and import the restricted PDF files to the program. Or you can also directly drag the files from the local folder to the program. All your successfully loaded PDF documents will be listed in the main screen shot.

    add files to remove pdf restrictions

    Hints: Just as the notes have mentioned, the PDF file with a non-support icon before it means the file is not supported by this PDF restriction remover software. The lock icon refers the file is protected by a user password (also known as open password). To remove restrictions from the PDF files with lock icon before them, you may first need to click on the small lock icon to open the file with the correct open file password. Only in this way can you unrestrict PDF successfully at last.

    Step 3. Remove PDF Restriction

    Before the final click to start the restriction removing process, you are suggested to click the "Browse" button to specify an output folder first. If you skip over this setting, then the restriction-free PDF files would be saved in the default folder under the software installation directory. After that, you can give a simple mouse click on the "Start" button to unrestrict PDF from the password protections.

    Voila! Within 3 steps, you can effortlessly remove PDF restrictions to open, copy, print, comment, highlight or edit the PDF content as you prefer now. If you don't want to be bothered by the PDF restrictions on copying, printing or modifying, then why not give yourself a chance to remove the protections/restrictions for leisure using now! This PDF restriction remover software would be your legal partner to unrestrict PDF files from either user or owner password with ease. Enjoy now!

    download windows version download mac version