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    iPubsoft PDF Password Remover

    User Guide - How to Crack Password Protected PDF Files?

    Situation1: You have a PDF document which is password protected, every time you open it, a dialog box prompts you to enter the password. You know the password so you can open it without any problems. However, you want to remove the password from PDF files.

    Situation2: You have a PDF which cannot be printed, copied or edited, because the file has had password security and other restrictions added. So you need to unlock this password protected PDF for using freely.

    As we all know, PDF is the most widely used format in both commercial and private use. Sometimes PDFs are protected by password for protect documents from opening, copying, printing, editing, and so on. iPubsoft PDF Password Remover is just the needed application which can remove user/open password (Situation1), and crack owner password (Situation 2), easily in a few seconds. Following are the detailed steps to unlock password protected PDF documents.

    0 Preparation

    Free download, install and launch the program. Then you will see the welcome screen. The toolbar includes: Add Files, Delete, Clear All and Register. You can click the Delete button in the toolbar to remove a selected file from the program or click the Clear All button to remove all the imported files from the program.

    Read the Notes written in the main interface before using the program to decrypt PDF, because 2 icons may appear after you importing PDF files.

    ipubsoft pdf password remover

    1 Import PDF

    There are 3 different methods allowing you to load source files.
    1) Click add buttonto add one or more password encrypted PDF files.
    2) Directly drag and drop PDFs which you want to decrypt to the main screen shot.
    3) Import files from the menu: File > Add File(s)...

    After importing PDFs, the program will automatically detect the PDF is user password or owner password protected. If it is user password protected, an icon lock will appear on the left list. And if the file is not supported by the program, an icon non-support will show.

    For user password protected file, you need to click the small lock icon to enter the password to make sure the decryption can be finished successfully.

    2Set Output

    Select an output folder by clicking the Browse button to save the decrypted PDFs.

    3Start Decryption

    Click start buttonbutton to unlock all imported PDF file(s) at one time. Or right click on one or more specific PDFs and choose Decrypt Selected to remove passwords from selected items.

    decrypt selected

    After decryption, you can freely open password protected PDF without having to entering the password. And also, you will be able to easily copy, edit, print PDF documents without any restrictions. Good luck!

    User Reviews

    "Unbelievable, it is able to remove PDF password so easily. Great program!"- From Barbara, in Alaska

    "A helpful tool to decrypt PDF password. Only in 3 steps, all is done."- From Jennifer, in Olympia

    "Excellent! I like the ease of use of this program. And it saved me much time and money."- From Richard through Our Support Center


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