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    3 Ways to Remove PDF Watermarks

    pdf watermark removal toolsWhy do we want to delete watermark from PDF?

    Annoying watermarks always appear in some of the Adobe PDF documents. There are many occasions where we need to remove PDF watermark. When we want to use Adobe PDF documents as a copying deterrent, as a means of identifying the source of a printed document, or as a means of determining whether a document has been altered, PDF image or text watermark removal is required.

    How to remove watermark from PDF?

    The task of removing PDF watermarks is difficult to accomplish without any 3rd party assistant tools. Although there are a lot of PDF password removal software in the market if you search for it through Google search engine, in this article I am not planning to introduce you professional PDF watermark removers, but alternative and free methods to get rid of PDF watermarks.

    The biggest advantage of the methods introduced below is that they have additional functions besides removing watermark, such as PDF conversion, editing, etc. Come on to see how to:

    Way-1: Delete PDF Watermark with MS Word

    In this way, we will make use of the editing feature of Microsoft Office Word. We know PDF is difficult to edit, but Word can. What you need do is using PDF to Word Converter to change PDF into Word formats. Then open the word document with MS Office Word. Now you will be able to see the watermark text or image appering on a overlapping layer. Select the watermark and manually delete it.

    This is the best option we recommend. Besides removing watermark, you can also edit the PDF texts according to your needs.

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    Way-2: Remove PDF Watermark with Acrobat

    Most of you know Adobe Acrobat is an excellent tool for viewing, creating, manipulating, printing and managing PDF documents. But most of you may not know this application developed by Adobe also has the ability of removing PDF watermarks. The steps are simple to follow:

    Step1: Open the watermarked PDF with Adobe Acrobat. From the Document menu, choose the option: Watermark -> Remove.

    Step2: When a pop-up dialogue window appears, click Yes to confirm that you are sure to permanently remove the watermark.

    Step3: On the Toolbar, click Save icon to save the document as the same file name and the original PDF will be overwritten. Of course, you can also click Save As to save the output PDF as another different file name.

    use acrobat to delete PDF watermark

    Way-3: Get Watermark Off PDF with Photoshop

    When it comes to watermark removal, the first tool we can think of is Photoshop, which is a special tool for editing images in various formats. However, PS doesn’t support PDF format. But you can use PDF to Image converter to save PDF as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, or other PS supported types.

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    Then use PS to delete the watermarks easily. If watermarks are in the same color, you can directly Magic Wand or Touchup tool to delete the watermarks. If not, you should manage advanced PS editing skills so as to remove watermarks.

    Please note, all above methods are assuming your PDF files are not password protected. If the PDF is encrypted by passwords, you need to use PDF password remover to unlock it.