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    Free PDF Books Downloads for Surface

    If you have a Surface tablet in hand, then you may have found that this tablet comes with an in-device reader which can open but not edit PDF files. Even the default app in the Surface can only open PDF files, it still helps great for users to view PDF files or read PDF formats books from local in a quick way.

    Once you have the plan to make use of the PDF-support feature for your leisure time ebook reading, then you may need to first get some PDF format books on your Surface. If you have already had piles of PDF ebooks saved on your computer, then you can directly copy them to Microsoft Surface with a USB flash drive or a memory card for leisure time reading. Don't have many PDF books stored on Surface and want to find more PDF format ebooks to read on it? This article is here to tell you about the free PDF books downloads for Surface. Hope you will enjoy!

    Where to Download PDF Books to Surface for Free?

    1. planetpdf.com

    If you once want to use your Surface to brush up on the classics, then you should not miss this website. From this site, you can easily find many classical books to be downloaded as PDF format files in the "Free -> PDF books" portion. Besides, once you know exactly the title of your wanted PDF format books, you can also go to the search bar to select if there is a free PDF version of your wanted books.

    2. manybooks.net

    This is a website to collect and provide visitors with various formats of free books to read on most popular eReaders. What you need to do to get free books to read on Surface is just to find the books you want, and then enter the exact book info page to select "PDF" from the "Download" drop-down list from the right portion. To find the books, you can search with exact book titles or simply browse the book categories according to the Authors, Titles, Genres, and even Languages.

    3. feedbooks.com

    On this site, you can easily find and get thousands of free books. But, this site doesn't provide all books for free, only the books you found in the "Public Domain" and "Original Books" portion are free to download. Another thing you should pay attention to is that the default format of the downloaded free books is the ePub. So, once you want to get PDF format books to read on Surface, you'd better go to the exact info page of each book to click on the provided PDF version to download it.

    Well, that's all about the top 5 website for free PDF books downloads for Surface reading. Hope you can find your wanted books on this free book resources!

    Extended Tip:

    Once you have lots of ePub books stored on your computer, you can rightly install an ePub reader for Surface to read them at your leisure.