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    How to Read iBooks on Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire?

    Can iBooks be read on Kindle devices, such as Kindle Fire? Generally speaking, the answer is NO. This is because books downloaded from iBookstore have DRM protection, and iBooks are primarily released in ePub format, while Kindle eBooks support MOBI or AZW format. However, there are still solutions to help us read iBooks with Kindle devices, including Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, etc. In this article, I will show you how to do this with 3 parts:

    Part1: Make iBooks convertible
    Part2: Convert iBooks to Kindle format
    Part3: Transfer converted result to Kindle

    Part1: Make iBooks convertable

    Early in 2009, Apple gave up FairPlay DRM encryption technique in music store. However, DRM still exists in iTunes applications, videos and iBooks. If items bought from iBookstore have DRM, they only be read on iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. So how to identify whether iBooks items have DRM or not? iTunes can help you. In iTunes, select a book, then click File > Get Info. If the Kind is listed as Protected Book, it is a DRM protected book from iBookstore. You will have to remove DRM protection before converting the format.

    read ibooks on kindle devices

    Although iBooks DRM removal is illegal, hackers developed a tool called Requiem to break Apple’s FairPlay DRM protection. Use it to remove iBooks DRM, and then the iBooks items can be converted to other formats.

    Tip1: How to know where find the iBooks you purchased in your computer? It always in the iTunes library folder, the default path is:
    Mac OS X: /Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Books 
    Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books 
    Windows Vista: C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books
    Windows 7: C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books

    Tip2: How to transfer books from iPad, iPhone, iTouch to computer? iPubsoft Transfer Software is able to do this.

    Part2: Convert iBooks to Kindle Format

    iBooks items may be in 2 types: PDF or ePub. DRM-free PDF books can be read on Kindle eReaders directly, so no conversion is required. But for DRM-free ePub books, you will have to convert ePub to Kindle supported format: MOBI or AZW. Since I have written some articles about reading ePub on Kindle, so there is no need to introduce again here. Following are related articles which can help you:

    How to convert ePub to AZW, How to Read ePub Files on Kindle

    By the way, you can also download the software provided at below to convert your ePub books to Kindle compatible MOBI or PDF files right now!

    (Windows Tool for Document Conversion)

    This program can support to kinds of document conversion as well as the interface showed below. Enjoy yourself!

    Part3: Transfer converted result to Kindle

    Plug your Kindle device to computer with its USB cable. Open the drive, and then drag and drop, or copy and paste files into Kindle’s folders.