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    How to Convert iTunes Movies/Music to Kindle Fire (HD)?

    If you purchased lots of music and movies from iTunes store and want to transfer them to your Amazon Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. You'd better keep on reading to find the solution in this article. We will divide the transferring process into two parts: transfer iTunes music to Kindle Fire and transfer iTunes movies to Kindle Fire, aiming to help you enjoy iTunes files on Kindle Fire with no any hassle.

    Part 1: Get Started Transferring iTunes Music to Kindle Fire (HD)

    The music files in iTunes are generally in MP3 format which is also supported by Kindle. You may think: Aha, I can import iTunes songs to Kindle Fire directly now. But you can't! Because iTunes music can be divided into different types:

    DRMed or DRM-free iTunes Music: Some songs you purchased from iTunes are protected by DRM technology. For such music files, you will get failed in playing on Kindle Fire. You can only play DRM-free iTunes music on the device.

    Songs format are not supported by Kindle Fire: Some iTunes audio files are in MOV, AIFF, CAF, etc., which are incompatible with Kindle Fire. But take it easy. You can use MP3 Converter or MP3 Converter for Mac to convert these music files to MP3 format on Windows and Mac platforms for playing on Kindle Fire.

    Free Download MP3 Converter for Windows

    Purchase MP3 Converter for Mac (Only $3.99)

    Part 2: Transfer iTunes Movies/Videos to Kindle Fire (HD)

    DRM-free or DRMed iTunes videos: iTunes purchased movies are normally protected by Apple FairPlay that are unable to be played on Kindle Fire. Only the DRM-free iTunes video files are playable on Kindle Fire.

    Video format are unplayable on Kindle: You should note that many iTunes videos are saved in MOV, MP4 and W4V, and only MP4 videos can be played on Kindle Fire. For the other two format videos, you can use iPubsoft Video Converter (for Windows users) or Video Converter for Mac (for Mac users) for help.

    Below is the Guide for iTunes to Kindle Fire conversion

    To convert incompatible iTunes video formats to Kindle Fire, you can use the ultimate video converter we highly recommend here for help. With ultra-fast conversion speed, you can easily convert iTunes to Kindle Fire with 3 steps:

    Step 1: Download and install the app, launch it and add iTunes videos to the conversion program.
    Step 2: Set the Kindle Fire compatible video format MP4 as the output format.
    Step 3: Click the Convert button to start the iTunes to Kindle Fire conversion task.

    video converter

    download windows versiondownload mac version