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    How to Put Music on iPod touch/nano/shuffle Successfully?

    Do you want to put some songs on your iPod for leisure time enjoyment? Adding music files to an iPod can be very easy by using Apple's official program - iTunes. But, the premise is that your music files are compatible with the iPod. Once your music files are coming in some incompatible formats for iPod, then things would be a little complicated. Don't worry, this article is here to give you the tips of how to convert and put music on iPod successfully. Read on to learn details now!

    Tips of How to Add Music to iPod Device with Ease

    Tip 1: Check if your music files are compatible with iPod.

    Sure, the first thing you should do to put music on iPod is to ensure if the audio files are compatible with iPod. As we know, iPod supports several audio formats, include AAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV. So does the iTunes. If once your music files on your computer hard drive are not saved in one of these formats, then you will have to convert the incompatible files to iPod friendly format in advance.

    Tip 2: How to convert music to iPod recognisable formats?

    To convert those music files to an iPod compatible format, Video Converter or Video Converter for Mac is highly recommended. As a comprehensive conversion tool to work on kinds of media files, the Video Converster software can help much to convert songs to iPod friendly formats with simple steps. You jsut need to download and run the converting tool, add music files into the program, choose an iPod compatible output formats, and then simply click to start the conversion.

    ipod music converter

    Get this excellent conversion tool to convert your music files to iPod compatible formats now!

    download windows versiondownload mac version

    Tip 3: How to Put Music on iPod with iTunes?

    Once all your favourite songs turned out to be iPod compatible formats, you can then try out the following operations to put them on your iPod with iTunes.

    Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer. Go to "File > Add Folder to Library" to browse the folder or folders that contains all your music, and add them to tthe iTunes library.

    Step 2: Connect your iPod device to your PC with the USB connection wire.

    Step 3: On the side menu in iTunes, go to click on your iPod icon. Select the "Music" section of your iPod's library. And then drag and drop the desired songs onto your iPod's listing under Devices to add songs to the iPod.

    Hints: Besides dragging music to iPod, you can also select and apply the desired settings under "Sync Music" options to let iTunes sync the music to your iPod as you want.

    Ok, all above mentioned tips together turn out to be how to put music on iPod. Try out for yourself now!