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    2 Ways to Transfer iPod Music to Computer

    iPod fans know that it is simple and quick to move the music from your computer to your iPod. However, Apple clams up tight when you want to do the opposite for transferring movies from iPod to computer. The reason is probably about the music copyright. Then, what if your iPod hard drive crashed before you backup all your iPod songs? Or you delete a song from your iPod and now you want it back, without having to buy another copy?

    iTunes is nice for sharing iPod contents you bought from iTunes. But due to copyright protection, you are unable to transfer music not purchased from iTunes from iPod to iTunes. So if you want to transfer iPod songs to computer, a third-party iPod to Computer Transfer is needed. It works well with all models of iPods like iPod touch, iPod touch 4, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano 3/4/5/6, and iPod Classic.

    Method 1: Use iPod to Computer to Do the Transference

    With this iPod to Computer Transfer, you can transfer music from your iPod to PC freely and simply. What you need to do is just plug your iPod into your computer, launch the software and select the music files that you want to move from the iPod to your computer. Click the button of "Export" and then your iPod contents will be copied to your computer simultaneously. Open the output folder to enjoy the music on your computer.

    iPod to Computer Transfer can not only transfer iPod to PC, but also can transfer iPad/iPhone to PC easily and helps you organize videos, music, photos and eBooks. Just free download the all-in-one solution right now. If you are running a Mac, I think you may like iPod to Mac Transfer.

    download windows versiondownload mac version

    Method 2: Transfer iPod Songs to PC Using Copy Paste Method

    Things you'll need: iPod, data cable, computer with enough space to store files, and iTunes.

    Step 1: First, you need to enable disk use on your iPod. Just connect your iPod to the computer with he data cable. Launch iTunes on your computer and allows it recognize your device. Click on "Continue" > "Summary" > "Manually manage music and videos" in the interface and click on "OK" > "Apply". Now the disk use of your iPod will be enabled.

    Step 2: Click on "My Computer" to locate the iPod's drive. To see the music files, you need to view hidden files by selecting the "Tools" option on the menu bar, choosing "Folder Options" > "View" > "Show hidden files and folders" options. Finally click "OK" to end this step.

    Step 3: Double click to open the iPod drive. Open the "iPod_Control" folder where your music files are saved and you will find the "Music" folder. Double-click on it and you'll see all the music files. Please note the name of the music will not be displayed and you can only see the artist, file duration, album and so on.

    Step 4: Now, you can copy the music files you want and paste them to your computer hard drive. It is a little bit hard to choose because you can not see the file names. So we suggest you to open these files in iTunes music library. In this way, you are able to view the name of all the music files.

    Download iPod to Computer Transfer Free Trial Version >>