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    How to Transfer Nook ePub to Sony eReader?

    Maybe you have bought many ePub books from B&N but you just received a Sony eReader as a birthday gift. Then, you just doubt if there is a way to transfer Nook ePub books to Sony eReader so that you don't need to buy or download these books again. You are lucky. The following is such a guide telling you how to transfer Nook ePub books to your Sony Reader. Need to be reminded that if your Nook ePub books have DRM protection, you need to remove the DRM protection from your B&N Nook books before you can read them on the Sony eReader.

    nook to sony

    Step-by-step- Guide to Add Nook Books to Sony eReader

    Step 1: Sync your Nook Books to computer

    Firstly, you need to download "Nook for PC" program and install it on your computer. Run it and click the button of "Refresh" to sync all your books from Nook to computer.

    Download Nook for PC >>
    Download Nook for Mac >>

    Step 2: Remove DRM from Nook Books for Sony Reader

    Find the Nook books in your hard drive. Check if they have DRM protection. If there is no DRM, you can directly go to the step 3. If the books have DRM, you need the Nook DRM Removal to remove the DRM protection from the Nook books.

    Step 3: Transfer the DRM-free Nook Books to Sony eReader

    After successfully removing the DRM protection from your Nook books, you can connect your Sony eReader to the computer, copy and paste those Nook books to your Sony eReader's drive. Then, congratulations that you can read Nook ePub on Sony eReader freely now!

    What If You Want to Read Nook ePub Books on Other eReaders?

    Above is just how to transfer Nook ePub books to Sony eReader. Well, what if you don't have a Sony eReader, but an iPad mini, Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo or any of the other eReaders? Any way, transferring eBooks between different devices, you need to remember these tips:

    1. Some eReaders like Kindle Paperwhite don't support ePub format, so you need to convert ePub Books to Kindle supported format first.

    2. Some downloaded eBooks may have DRM protection that prevents them from viewing on other devices. Click here to find the suitable eBook DRM Removal.

    3. If you eReader is unable to connect to computer, you can try the WiFi or 3G connection so that you can transfer your books via cloud service like DropBox and etc..