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    Transfer eBooks from Kindle, Nook, iPod touch to iPad Mini

    Wow, the much-anticipated iPad Mini comes! This 7.85-inch tablet hasn’t brought us too many surprises, the release of this tablet undoubtedly enhanced the strength of Apple. iPad Mini is built with the newest A6 processing chip, the latest iOS 6, and lightning dock connector. It has 3 versions for us to choose: 16, 32 and 64GB.

    This 7.2mm, 308g mini tablet is very suitable for carrying, especially for those who like to read eBooks on bus, plane, Café, etc. If you are planning to purchase an iPad Mini but has owned an eBook reader of other brands such as Amazon Kindle, how could you transfer eBooks from other devices to iPad Mini for continuing reading on the go?

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    As known to us, iBooks is Apple devices’ default reading application running on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With iBooks, we can read PDF and ePub books on Apple iDevices. But if the eBooks are in other formats such as MOBI, how should we do? Nothing is impossible. Here I wrote this article for eBook fans like me to read eBooks stored on other devices with iPad Mini.

    How to Transfer eBooks from Kindle to iPad Mini

    In my previous articles, there is one which described the steps of how to convert Kindle books to ePub format with iPubsoft. After conversion, sync the converted result to iBooks of iPad Mini with iTunes. Please note, here we assume that your ebooks stored on Kindle have no DRM protection. If your books have DRM restriction, you need to remove eBooks DRM firstly and then read on iPad Mini.

    In fact, to read Kindle eBooks with iPad Mini, there is still another method: Downloading Kindle for iPad application. This app can be downloaded from Amazon official site, as well as Apple iTunes. Although Kindle for iPad is also totally FREE, we recommend you do the format conversion because iBooks reading can bring you better reading experience than Kindle app.

    How to read Nook books with iPad Mini

    Barnes&Noble Nook is one of popular devices in eBook market. Many of us own a Nook device, whether it is Nook tablet, Nook Color, Nook HD, etc. Theoretically, to transfer books from Nook devices to iPad Mini, you can export books to computer firstly, and then sync to iPad Mini with USB cable. In fact, this method does not work always, due to Barnes&Noble DRM restriction, which prevents you from sharing eBooks with other non-Nook devices.

    Just like Kindle for iPad, Barnes&Noble also has a similar application: Nook for iPad. It enables iPad users including iPad Mini to enjoy the purchased or downloaded eBooks from BN freely. Just get this application, sign in with BN account, and then start reading.

    How to sync books from iPod touch to iPad Mini?

    Many Apple fans own not only one Apple device. Like me, I have iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. Sometimes how to share stuff among multiple devices become a problem. Although iCloud allows us to do so, it requires WiFi connection, has storage limitaion and is not safe always. In fact, with the assistance from other third party program, you can also achieve the sharing goal. I myself tried iPubsoft transfer software, which is able to transfer books, songs, photos, movies, TV shows, podcasts, etc. from iOS devices to computer. After transferring with iPubsoft, link iPad Mini to computer, and sync the exported books or other files to iPad Mini with iTunes.

    Extended Tip: Where to Get Free eBooks for iPad Mini

    eBook fans always ask and want to know where and how to get free eBooks for reading. In the Internet, there are many sites where you can download free eBooks, many of which is in PDF or ePub format. If downloaded files can not be recognized by iPad Mini, you can use iPubsoft ePub creator to convert them. And here are top 3 sites which provide free eBooks downloads:

    Project Gutenberg - Offers more than 40,000 free eBooks with high quality. No registration is needed.

    Manybooks.net – Provides with over 29,000 eBooks available for iPad, as well as Kindle, Nook and other popular eReaders. All are free.

    EBOOKSA.com - Download eBooks of business, entertainment, general, health, marketing, or other categories. Its free area provides you with free PDF eBooks downloads.