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    How to Rip/Extract Audio from Video on Mac?

    Do you have any video files from which you'd like to rip audio from? For example, have you ever thought to get sound from the music videos you bought from iTunes to enjoy them with your MP3 player? Do you want to extract the beautiful melodies you heard from some videos? Once you have the plan to rip audio from videos and have the extracted sound saved as MP3 music file to listen to on media player at leisure time, then you are at the right place.

    Here is the very guide to tell how to rip/extract audio from video on Mac and then save as the most compatible MP3 audio file for the leisure enjoyment with any MP3 Player. In this guide, we'll show you how to draw support from a specialized Mac MP3 Converter to batch convert videos to MP3 audio files on a Mac. If you once have lots of video files that you'd like to have in audio form, just go ahead to check the coming up step-by-step tutorial to see whether this software can also meet your needs now!

    Efficient Way to Extract Sound from Video on Mac

    To rip audio from videos on Mac more effectively, please first ensure that you've got the specific Mac MP3 Converter installed on your Mac. And then follow the detail steps below to enjoy yourself in the easy way to extract audio from video on Mac right now!

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    Step 1: Load Source Files

    Start the software you've specially installed. Once you see the interface as below, then simply hit the "Add File" or "Add Folder" button to load your source video files into the program. Or you can also directly drag and drop your wanted files into the app to get ready for the audio extraction from videos on Mac.

    how to rip audio from videos on mac to mp3

    Tips: To remove any unwanted files out of the program, you only need to hit the "Delete" button after you selected the file you don't want. Or you can simply click on the provided "Clear All" option to delete all your imported files from the program completely.

    Step 2: Define Output Folder

    If you once want to save the converted audio files in a specified file folder, then you can just click the "Browse" button to set the final destination as you want.

    Step 3: Proceed Conversion

    After setting the output file folder as you prefer, you can then click the "Start" icon to let the program extract audio from video on Mac and then save as MP3 files to your Mac local folder with ease.

    Voila! Rip audio from videos on Mac is rightly such a simple task for you with this easy-to-use Mac MP3 Converter. Just several simple clicks needed, you can get your wanted sound/music extracted from batches of video files on a Mac without any hesitation. Sounds amazing? Maybe you can try yourself this amazing audio extraction from videos now on your Mac!

    Purchase the MP3 Converter for Mac (Only $3.99)


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