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    How to Make a YouTube Playlist for Christmas?

    Question from Yahoo!Answer:

    I want to make a playlist of some Christmas videos and music on YouTube. I don't want to have to search for a song each time a song ends. I'd like to set up a playlist and have it play through. Can anyone do this for me? Thanks!

    Well, YouTube is full of numerous Christmas themed movies and songs. Want to collect up your favorite Christmas videos or songs and create a playlist so that they can be played one after another? Here is the simple guide telling you how to make a YouTube playlist. Actually it is quite easy to achieve the goal. Let's go down to the task.

    Steps on Creating A Christmas Playlist on YouTube

    For Christmas videos from YouTube

    Go and find a video that you want to add to your playlist, click "Add to playlist" under the video you are watching. An option will pop up under the video for "Make new playlist". Click on that and then you can find other movies you like by doing the same thing. But this time, you just click on the playlist you have already made.

    make youtube playlist

    For Christmas videos you upload to YouTube

    When you upload a Christmas video to YouTube and now you want to include it in your playlist, you can go into "My Videos", click on the + New button next to the word, Playlist on the left side of the screen. Next time, you are able to use the same above method to add a new video to the empty playlist if you find your favorite videos.

    Extended Knowledge:

    Sometimes you may find a great video on YouTube and you'd love to save the audio or load it on your MP3 player to listen to later. Then, how to rip a song from YouTube movie? Here is a step-by-step guide shows you the detailed tutorials of how to rip music from YouTube videos with ease.


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