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    data recoveryData Recovery Tips

    Here you will learn how to retrieve and recover your lost videos, photos, music, documents, emails, etc. from your computer, cell phone, external hard drive, camcorder or other devices. No matter you lost the vital data because of accidental deletion, format, or any other unkonw reasons, you can go ahead to find a proper solution here according to your acctual needs.

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    It's quite easy to restore corrupted files actually. Just read this guide and you will learn how to restore corrupted files in 3 simple steps with the help of iPubsoft Data Recovery software.
    Most of the time we accidentally delete folders, which contains lots of useful files from external hard drive. Now we can use folder recovery software to restore deleted folders.
    Lost files from the flash drive of your Xbox 360? You can read this tutorial to recover data from Xbox 360 flash drive with iPubsoft Data Recovery application.
    It is really a big trouble to erase pictures from your digital camera by mistake. To solve the problem, you can follow the tutorial to retrieve deleted or lost pictures from digital camera.
    Here is a way to recover formatted pictures or photos from Windows 8 within only 3 simple steps with a reliable and user-friendly Formatted Photo Recovery for Windows 8.
    Have you lost your important photos, videos and other files from your Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Don't worry. Just follow the instructions in this tutorial to recover data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
    Do you have an unfortunate experience to format a memory card by accident and lost all files in it? You are lucky that here is a step-by-step guide to help you recover data from formatted card with ease.
    Are you in the need of recovering lost or deleted TXT files? If so, here is the right article with the detailed guide showing you how to recover TXT files on Mac and Windows with 1-2-3 simple steps.
    Is there a solution to recover deleted or lost pictures from Android phones? Sure! You can easily get your pictures back with the help from Android Photo Recovery, as long as your card is not physically damaged.
    Have lost precious video records from your camcorder for unknown reason? Don't panic! You can follow the guide here to recover lost or deleted videos from Samsung, Panasonic, Canon or other camcorders step by step.