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    Convert LIT to PDF for Free

    Why need people convert LIT files into PDF format?

    LIT is an eBook format developed by Microsoft in 2000. It is widely used in PC, PDA and other Pocket PCs. To open LIT files, you need to download Microsoft Reader. However, Microsoft has discontinued Microsoft Reader effective August 30, 2012 which includes download access and activation of Microsoft Reader from Microsoft Reader website. So if you've got LIT files, it becomes difficult to open and read them. Converting LIT to PDF format can solve the problem, since PDF is a much more popular format supported by computers and many mobile devices.

    free lit to pdf conversion tools

    How to convert LIT to Adobe PDF for Free?

    At present, there are no developers who deliberately developed an LIT to PDF converter. But the powerful eBook management tool - Calibre, supports LIT conversion. It is a totally free tool, and works on both Windows, Mac systems. I've introduced Calibre in other previous articles, such as how to convert PDB files to ePub.

    Besides Calibre, other online converters can also help you convert files from LIT format to PDF. Since there are so many sites which provide online conversion services, you may not know which ones support LIT to PDF conversion. Don't worry, here we list several sites where you can absolutely achieve the conversion.

    ConvertFiles (www.convertfiles.com) is a totally free online conversion tool. Its interface is a little ugly, but the functions are powerful, supporting numerous formats, including documents, images, videos, audios, ebooks, etc. Very simple to use. Upload a local file or enter the URL, select PDF as the output format, and then hit Convert button. Once conversion completed, you will get a download link. Optionally you can also leave your email address to receive the converted result.

    DocsPal (www.docspal.com) is also an awesome site where you can convert various files online. The usage is similar to ConvertFiles. Besides, DocsPal has the ability of viewing files online, which means that you can upload a file from local and view on the site conveniently. For example, if you have no Adobe Reader installed, upload PDF to DocsPal for reading online.

    Zamzar (www.zamzar.com) is one of the earliest online conversion tools. Founded in 2006, now it has been very well-known among people around the world. Different from above 2 sites, Zamzar won't provide you the download link after conversion, so you have to enter your email address before converting.

    Which site is the best choice for converting LIT to PDF? For me, I prefer Zamzar, since it has batch conversion, and the maximum file size is the biggest: 1GB. It has the longest history and great reputation in online conversion industry, so Zamzar is the most reliable.