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    How to Add Watermark to PDF for Free?

    For online publishers, watermark is almost a necessity to give clear indication of the article source or copyright protection. From the watermark associated with a PDF file got from Internet, one can know the owner and creator of the file clearly. So, once you are an online publisher always share your PDF files over the Internet, then you can also add watermark to the PDF documents with your data to let more people know you and protect the copyright in a much easier way.

    Do know how to add watermark to PDF files before you publishing them online? Don't worry, the article here rightly introduces some free ways for you to add text watermark to PDF file with ease. Once you have no idea about how to watermark PDF files, then why not give a try to the following solutions now!

    Two Ways of How to Add Watermark to PDF

    Solution 1: Watermark PDF with Text Online with pdfaid.com

    Just as the site name, this online service is rightly an online PDF aider for users. It allows you to add text watermark to any less than 20 MB PDF file you upload. You can have full control of the text watermark you want to add to your PDF file. For example, you can choose what type of font to use, what color the watermark to be, where to place the watermark on your PDF document, and so on. (Note: once you upload a PDF file for adding a watermark, it will also be watermarked with pdfaid logo.)

    how to add text watermark to pdf for free

    Solution 2: Add Watermark to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

    Another way to watermark your PDF is that using the professional PDF tool Adobe Acrobat. Once with this program, you are free to add either image or text watermark to your PDF file with ease. Here are the detail steps.

    Step 1: Start the Adobe Acrobat. And then open the PDF file you want to add watermark to.

    Step 2: Move your cursor to the hit the "Document" option on the toolbar and followed by "Watermark -> Add Watermark".

    Step 3: To add text watermark to your PDF file, you should first select "Text", and then type in the text in the box beside, and finally adjust the text watermark formatting options as you want. If you want to add an image watermark to PDF, you can first select "File", click "Browse" button to upload the image and then adjust the size, appearance and position of the image Watermark as desired.

    how to add watermark to pdf with adobe acrobat

    Step 4: No matter you choose to watermark your PDF with text or image, as long as you have finished setting for the PDF watermark, you can then click the "Ok" option from the lower-right corner to add the watermark to your PDF file.

    Ok, we have finished the introduction of how to add watermark to PDF. Hope these solutions can help you.

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