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    iPubsoft PDF to ePub Converter for Mac

    User Guide

    Are you an eBook lover? If yes, you probably have stored a lot of PDF eBooks on your computer. And you may wish to convert Adobe PDF file to ePub format for easy sharing and browsing on Mac. Here I want to introduce iPubsoft PDF to ePub Converter for Mac, which is specially developed to turn PDF into ePub format on Mac OS X. And the following steps can teach you how to use iPubsoft PDF to ePub Converter for Mac step by step.

    1 Download and Run

    Click here to free download and install it. Then double click the installed app to launch it, you will see the main interface on which there is an easy Quick Start tutorial.

    2Import local PDF files

    The first way to import PDF is directly dragging and dropping PDF eBooks which you want to convert into the program panel.

    The second way to add PDF is by clicking "Add File" or "Add Folder" button.

    The third way is by clicking File -> Add Files... from the menu.

    Once files loaded, the general information of the PDF eBook will be shown in the conversion list. You can batch import multiple PDF eBooks in the program for conversion at one time.

    3Page Range Settings (Optional)

    The software provides 3 page range modes:
    1) All: The default setting. All PDF pages will be imported in this mode.
    2) Current: Only the current page which you are previewing will be converted.
    3) Range: The selected page range will be converted. You need to enter page numbers or page ranges separated by comas, for example: 1,3,4,5-10. Furthermore, you are also allowed to customize the page range from the file list area: In Selected Page column, click the default "All Pages", and enter your needed page number or page ranges.

    load pdf files

    4Output Settings

    Conversion mode: The software provides 2 conversion modes:

    1) Text mode: The default option. This option allows you to convert all PDF contents except for images in PDF. After conversion, you can copy the contents in the output ePub files. That's to say, images in original PDF can't be preserved after conversion.

    2) Image mode: If you choose this option, all pages in the converted ePub file will look extremely the same as in the original PDF document, but you can't copy the text in the output ePub file. If you need this option, click on Text, then a small drop-down arrow will appear, and select Image as the Conversion Type.

    add file menu

    Customize output folder:
    Click the "Browse" button to specify a folder on your computer to save the output ePub book.

    5Begin conversion

    After customizing the output settings, click "Start" button in lower-right corner. Or right click one specify PDF file, in the pop-up menu, choose and click the "Convert Selected" item, if you don't want all imported PDF files to be converted at the same time.

    There will be a progress bar indicating the current process during conversion. You are allowed to click Stop button to pause or stop the conversion progress.

    After a few seconds, the conversion will be finished. You can click the Open button below the panel, you can open the destination folder and find the converted ePub eBooks for reading on your iPad, iPhone, iTouch or other portable devices.

    start converting adobe pdf to epub for mac

    User Reviews

    "I really love to read ePub eBooks on my iPhone. But many free eBooks are designed with PDF format. Then I got this PDF to ePub conversion software and it has turned out to be the luckiest choice I've made."- by Michael Lee

    "I bet you will go nuts on this software as me. I can preview and just convert parts of the PDF. It is the ideal one I'm looking around."- by James Jones


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