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    iPubsoft PDF Text Extractor

    Straightforward Method for Plain Text Extraction from Adobe PDF Files!

    PDF files usually come with images contained inside to illustrate things clearer. However, the images would be a hindrance once you merely want to make use of the text content of a PDF for some kinds of text processing, right? Then, why not get this iPubsoft PDF Text Extractor to extract plain text content from PDF to have a better use? It will make things quite easy for you to achieve PDF text extraction for specific use.

    • - A simple app to extract plain text from PDF documents.
    • - Helpful tool to specify exact pages or page ranges for PDF text extraction.
    • - Useful app to save extracted text content into a new document for better use.
    • - Effective tool to work on multiple Adobe PDF documents in a single process.

    Note: Mac version is also available, get iPubsoft PDF Text Extractor for Mac here


    for macSystem Requirements

    Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

    Version 2.1.2

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    extract text from pdf

    Extract Content from PDF

    • This is a specific PDF Text Extractor which works well to help you easily extract mere text content from the Adobe PDF files which with images contained inside. There will be not any images, graphics or any other things except plain text in the newly created documents.

    Standalone Software for PDF Text Extraction

    • This is a standalone PDF Text Extractor, with which you can extract text content from PDF files independently without using any extra program. It does not require Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader for the text extraction from PDF.
    standalone pdf data extractor
    set to extract content from pdf

    Work on Multiple PDF Files

    • No matter how many PDF files you want to extract text from, this program enables you to import them all for text extraction. It can help to extract content from multiple PDF files and save in new documents one by one in the order you set them. It also supports to define specific pages or page range of a multi-page PDF to extract text content.

    Science Text Extraction from PDF

    • Most PDF files can have their text content extracted reliably by this PDF Data Extractor. Except some specific items, like the subscript, overlaid or rotated text, other extracted text content will be saved in the new document with layout approximating the PDF as closely as possible.
    good accuracy
    • handy

      Easy to Use

      The terse and concise interface and screen wizard make this program addictively easy to use.

    • clean app

      100% Safe

      This is risk-free app which you can rest assured to use. No malware, no spyware, and no virus included.

    What People Say

    "Good job! With your PDF Text Extractor, I've got what I want. And its easy operations and good output really impressed me deeply."- by Kelvin from London

    "Your program has performed well for my PDF text extraction. With just a few simple mouse clicks, I've extracted my wanted content from the PDF files without a hassle. That's so excellent for me. Thanks! "- by George


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