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    Partition Manager for Mac

    Efficiently manage partitions on Mac hard drives without causing data loss!

    To assign more space to a volume or increase a partition size so that you can save all your data in a single storage location on your Mac, you may need the help of the Mac volume management software. Here Partition Manager for Mac comes as a helpful utility that allows you to perform basic partition management on Mac with ease. With this Mac utility, you can easily manage all volumes/partitions in your Mac hard drive according to your own specific needs in a safe manner.
    - Creates a new partition of any type on the Mac hard drive easily and safely.
    - Supports to resize, format, and delete existing Mac partitions according to actual needs.
    - Enables to rearrange Mac volumes/partitions to adjust free space together for better use.
    - Performs partition management on Mac efficiently without causing Mac data loss.

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    How to Make Partition Management on Mac with Mac Partition Manager?

    There are many managing functions available by this Partition Manager for Mac. Here we will take the resize function as an example to give you a simple guide of how to use it. You are highly suggested getting the program to evaluate more functions for yourself.

    Step1: Start Software

    Download the Mac partition management software to install and open it on the Mac computer.

    Step2: Select Partition

    Select the disk in which the partition/volume you want to resize. Choose the particular Volume/Partition you'd like to increase or decrease the partition size.

    Step3: Start Resizing

    Position the mouse pointer to the "Resize" function tab. Once the "Resize Partition" window appears, go ahead move the slider and specify the required volume size as you want. After all, click 'OK' to kick off the resizing process.

    Well, here is how to resize partition/volums with Partition Manager for Mac. To make use of more possible functions, you can try it out for yourself now! It's fairly easy to use.

    Full Partition Manager Solution

    This is an all-in-one Mac partition management software. It provides the the best solution for Mac users to make better use of hard drive capacity by doing complete partition management on Mac.

    Create Partition on Mac

    This Partition Manager for Mac software allows you to easily and safely create partitions on the Mac hard drive. It enables to add the scattered free space on the drive together to create new partition.

    Resize Function Available

    The Mac utility allows you to easily resize your logical volumes/partitions by rearranging the available free space or organizing the amount of space within the existing partition, without any chance of data loss.

    Format Mac Partition

    This Mac partition manager tool allows you to quickly format a specific Mac partition or volume. This can help to get rid of viruses and other malicious programs and prepare your partition for fresh data storage.

    Delete Volume on Mac

    This Partition Manager for Mac facilitates easy removal of any unwanted partition from the Mac hard drive to take up your valuable disk space. The space allocated to the deleted volume will be marked as free space for other disk usage.

    Hide/Reveal Functions

    With this Mac app, you can hide a partition anytime to conceal your important information or make it inaccessible to any unauthorized person for safety reasons. You can also easily unhide this partition later by using the provided reveal function.

    Simple to Use

    The easy-to-use wizard of this great Mac tool allows implementation of professional and reliable partition management on Mac in minutes.

    Safe Tool

    This is a good partition manager utility for better Mac management and Mac performance maximization. It can perform safely without data loss.

    System Requirements

    Processor: Intel or PowerPC (G3 or later)

    Operation System: Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.9

    Hard Disk: 25 MB free disk space or above

    Memory: 512MB RAM

    What's next?

    This Mac Partition Manager software is more powerful than that we have described here. It can help you to make partition management on Mac completely and safely. Come on to get it and evaluate more for yourself now!