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    Mac Drive Cloner

    Effective Utility for Simple Mac Hard Drive Cloning/Backup!

    Mac Drive Cloner is an extremely simple backup solution for your Mac volume or entire Mac drive. This easy yet efficient disk to disk copy utility allows you to make exact clones/backups of your Mac hard drives in case of any system crash or data loss. The super user friendly interface makes it easy for you to have a full copy of your Mac hard drive with just a few simple clicks and a bit of patience. No external tech skills needed to handle with this Mac hard drive clone software.
    - Creates an exact replica of your Mac hard drive.
    - Enables to keep a copy of your important data of the drive in case of unexpected sufferings.
    - Provides options to create bootable DVD and Minimal System in case of system crash.
    - With super user friendly interface for Mac users to clone Mac volumes effortlessly.

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    Quick Start: How to Clone Mac Hard Drive?

    Here in this section, just let's learn how to make use of this Mac Drive Cloner to make exact backups of your Mac hard drives now! This will be helpful to restore data in case of any Mac system crash or data loss.

    Step 1: Install the Mac hard drive clone software on your machine.

    Step 2: Click the 'Clone' option from the program interface to select a clone mode to make a copy of a Mac hard drive or volume according your needs.

    Step 3: After that, you will need to decide if to clone without any changes or to resize the source drive on the destination drive for cloning.

    Ok, then the program will clone the Mac drive or volume in the way as you have choosed.

    Clone Mac Hard Drive

    This useful Mac Drive Cloner rightly offers you the safest means to create the clone of your Mac hard drive. It allows to clone the entire Mac hard drive to a different drive with your data remains secure and protected.

    Backup Logical Volumes on Mac

    Besides the backup of entire Mac hard drive, this Mac hard drive clone software also enables the function of copying a particular Mac logical volumes to another volume or folder for backup.

    Create Image of Mac Disk

    This Mac utility also can help to create an image of any Mac based volume or hard drive. With this image file, you can keep a copy of your important data on the drive so as to restore them easily when you come across any unexpected sufferings.

    Restore Mac Volume

    With this Mac drive clone tool, you can easily restore your Mac volume from the previously created image file of the volume. Of course, you can also choose to restore the volume from the folder containing the backup of your Mac logical volume.

    Boot DVD & Minimal System

    This Mac app also provides options to create bootable DVD and Minimal System in the case of the Mac system crashes or fails to boot.

    Handle Data Loss Easily

    With super user friendly interface, this Mac Drive Cloner enables you the best way to handle data loss or volume corruption within clicks.

    System Requirements

    • Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8(Mountain Lion), 10.7, 10.6
    • CPU: Intel Core 1GHz or faster
    • Hard Disk: 1G and above
    • Memory: 512MB RAM or more

    What's next?

    As it can be learned from above features, this Mac Drive Cloner is a professional Mac utility which provides you some very useful features like cloning, imaging, etc. It will be a reliable Mac hard drive cloning software to provide you a good practice to maintain the backup of your Mac hard drive or logical volume with ease. Try and evaluate it for yourself now!