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    How to Convert Kindle Books to Nook Tablet?

    Question from the web: I have received a new Nook tablet for my birthday gift from my friend, and I also have a Kindle Whitepaper. I have many and many wonderful eBooks on my Kindle Whitepaper. So, how can I transfer books from my Kindle to the new Nook? Any suggestion would be appreciate!

    We know that Kindle devices support AZW, AZW 3, MOBI, PRC, PDF and other formats. But AZW and MOBI are the main types. While Nook tablet, as well as other popular readers like iPad, Kobo Vox and Sony Reader support the eBook format of ePub. So, if you are intend to read Kindle books on Nook tablet, you need to convert Kindle eBook format to ePub which is supported by Nook.

    In this article, we will introduce you a reliable program to help you convert Kindle eBooks to ePub for Nook tablet. But first of all, we should check whether the Kindle book has the DRM protection.

    Step One: Remove DRM Protection from Kindle Books

    Most eBooks you bought or downloaded from Amazon Kindle are protected by DRM technology, to prevent these books from viewing on other devices. If your Kindle books are protected by DRM, you need to use the Kindle DRM Removal to strip DRM from Amazon Kindle books firstly. Click to install the program on your computer, launch it and load the DRM-ed eBooks to the program. Then, the program will do the rest job to remove the DRM from the Kindle eBooks.

    Tip: We suggest you install "Kindle for PC" app on your computer and use it to download books on your computer.

    Step Two: Convert Kindle eBooks to ePub for Nook Tablet

    The above Kindle DRM removing tool will output eBooks in DRM free MOBI format. Now, you can convert Kindle MOBI files to Nook tablet using MOBI to ePub Converter. Just drag and drop these MOBI files to the program after you run it. Select an output folder and start the conversion. Then, the program will export ePub eBooks into the output folder in a short time. Connect your Nook tablet to the computer and then transfer the ePub books to your Nook.

    convert kindle books to nook

    Mac users can do the conversion by using MOBI to ePub for Mac.

    download windows versiondownload mac version