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    How to Read Kindle Books on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4

    On September 13, 2012, Apple company released the new generation smartphone – iPhone 5, just as expected. The biggest changes compared with previous version are: Larger screen, Lighter body, and Faster processor. Its 4-inch display is more suitable for eBook fans to read their favorite eBooks on the go. For me, since I have a Kindle Touch, the first thing I want to do is reading Kindle books on iPhone.

    After searching for methods on the Internet, finally I sum up 2 alternative ways, which can help you read Kindle books on iPhone, whether you are using iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4.

    Method1: Transfer Books from Kindle to iPhone

    Firstly, you need to know that eBooks downloaded from Amazon.com are usually in MOBI or AZW format. But iPhone compatible eBooks are PDF or ePub. So we need to solve the format compatibility problem.

    For MOBI books, you can use iPubsoft MOBI to ePub Converter, which can turn MOBI or PRC files into ePub just in a few clicks. See the detailed guide: How to convert MOBI to ePub. For AZW books, you may need to remove DRM, and then do the conversion. See the detailed article: Steps of Converting AZW to ePub.

    Extended Knowledge:

    1) How to export Kindle books to computer? Link your Kindle to computer. For Windows, it will be available as a drive under My Computer. For Mac, it will be in Finder. There are 3 folders: Documents, Audible, Music. Open Documents and copy books to a specific folder of computer.
    2) How to know whether Kindle books are DRM protected or not? On Amazon.com, DRM-free eBooks should have the info: Product Details: Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.
    3) How to sync ePub books to iPhone? Use iTunes, of course.

    transfer books from kindle to iphone

    Method2: Kindle for iPhone Application

    Format conversion is so complex. In fact, an application can solve your problem. It is Kindle app for iOS devices. This app allows you to buy eBooks from Amazon.com, read Amazon books, magazines, news, etc. The app is absolutely FREE. To know more details of this app: Go to iTunes>>


    Obviously, the first method: format conversion, is rather inconvenient. Method 2 is easier. The only advantage of Method1 is, after conversion, the created ePub eBooks can not only read on iPhone, as well as other ePub-friendly devices or platforms, like Nook, Sony Reader, laptop, Nexus 7, etc.