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    How to Sync Ringtones to iPhone 4S/5 from Mac/Windows?

    Since the release of iPhone, how to transfer ringtones to iPhone successfully is indeed one of the mostly asked questions for most users. For the ones who is the first time to use iPhone, it is rightly a common problem that don't know what are needed to sync ringtones to iPhone. For the user who has used iPhone for some time, syncing iPhone ringtones would also be a headache question for reasons. For example, the ringtone is more than 30s, the compatibility issue, etc.

    If you are puzzled by problems that unable to sync ringtone to iPhone 4S/5, then maybe this article will help you. Here are some tips for you, they will tell you sync iPhone ringtones easily without any trouble. Just go ahead to check the tips and have a successful ringtone transfer from your Mac/Windows to iPhone now!

    Part 1: Tips of How to Transfer Ringtones to iPhone from Mac/Windows with iTunes

    It is very easy to sync ringtone files to your iPhone with iTunes. Here are the details.

    Step 1: Connect your iPhone device to your Mac/Windows computer using the proper USB cable.

    Step 2: Select your iPhone under "Devices" in the iTunes. And then click the "Ringtones" tab at the top of the iTunes main window to choose if to sync all ringtones or sync just selected ringtones your iPhone.

    Step 3: After choosing the ringtone sync mode, you should then click "Sync" to transfer the ringtone files to iPhone 4S/iPhone 5.

    how to sync ringtones to iphone

    Part 2: Tips of What You Should Check before Sync Ringtone to iPhone 4S/5

    Before you transfer the ringtone files to iPhone as above shown, you'd better have a check of the following info in advance to make sure the ringtones can be workable on your iPhone.

    Tip 1: Ensure the time length and file format of iPhone ringtones.

    Please keep in mind that iPhone only supports the M4R ringtones with the time length under 30 seconds. So, the first thing you should check before syncing ringtones from your Mac or Windows PC to an iPhone device is to ensure if the ringtone file is less than 30s or not.

    Tip 2: Check the characters in the song fields.

    Besides checking the ringtone length, you should also check the song fields, including the song's name, artist, composer and more to make sure that there are not any special characters like quotes contained.

    Tip 3: Make sure the ringtone is in the ringtone list of iTunes library.

    In order to sync ringtones to iPhone and ensure it workable on the iPhone, you should also make sure in advance if the ringtones are playable in iTunes. Besides, please make sure that the ringtone files are shown in the ringtone section of iTunes under library rather than anywhere else.

    Well, these are all the tips for you to transfer ringtones to iPhone. Hope you will like. By the way, if you have not got any ringtone files on your computer yet, you can also try to make custom ringtones for your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 by following the article how to make iPhone ringtones for free.