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    Wait! 10 Things You Should Know before Buying Apple Watch

    Sep 9th, 2014, Apple finally released Apple Watch that rumors already for a long time. So what are the distinguishing feature of this new product? And what are the functions? Before you decide to buy Watch Apple, you need to understand clearly about the following 10 things.

    No. 1: It is Apple Watch, not iWatch!
    Official statement indicating that its name is "Apple Watch", rather than the iWatch which has been rife before. Its dial is square and equipped with retina display with sapphire glass. When you lift your wrist, the screen will start accordingly.

    No. 2: The price of Apple Watch
    Apple Watch will be released in the early of next year and sales at $350, which is $100 higher than Moto 360.

    No. 3: The appearance of Apple Watch
    There are three kinds of design, two different sizes, as well as six types of watchband. Such diverse makes Apple Watch rare among the Apple products. It is wise to do so because the design of the Watch vision to all tastes.

    No. 4: Closely related with iPhone
    Apple Watch can receive notification from the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S/5C and iPhone 5. The built-in WatchKit app can it better for mobile application software developers to integrate with Apple Watch. Apple illustrates the ongoing development of many applications, for example, Starwood hotel is ready to use Apple Watch as a "room key", BMW will tell user about the car position through the map.

    No. 5: How to Backup Apple Watch to Computer
    Since we can store various files on Apple Watch, such as music, apps, photos, health data, contacts and text messages. The data safety must be brought to the attention. Before you figuring out how to transfer files from Apple Watch to computer for backup, we kindly suggest you think twice on whether to buy this device.

    No. 6: How to Recover Lost Data from Apple Watch
    Just like other iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod, files saved on Apple Watch can be also lost due to various situations: such as accidental deletion, device formatting, Watch damage or restoring to factory settings. How to restore deleted files from Apple Watch must become a common problem for many users. After purchasing an Apple Watch, you'd better find an Apple Watch Data Recovery in case of need.

    No. 7: Intimate fitness helper
    Apple Watch can sense the user's heart rate and exercise through a variety of sensors. It is able to track whether the user to sit too long, whether to guarantee enough activity, also it can track specific physical exercise activities and give feasible sports fitness goals.

    No. 8: What before giving away your Apple Watch?
    Since Apple Watch save your personal health data, as well as important contacts and text messages and other private files, you must be unwilling to leak them out. Before you want to give it away, or resell it out, you need to find some professional data erase program to help erasing all personal information from Apple Watch.

    No. 9: Battery life of Apple Watch
    The charging system of Apple Watch is pretty excellent, but Cook did not disclose the battery life of this device.

    No. 10: Just like the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch provides Apple Pay application and the partners include subway, McDonald's, Disney, etc.

    apple watch

    By the way, if you have other Apple products like iPad, iPhone and iPod, here we introduce two tools iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer and Data Recovery for iPhone iPad iPod that can help you make full use of your iDevices.