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    Sony Handycam Recovery: Recover Lost Videos from Sony Camcorder

    Sony has continued to introduce Handycams, a Sony brand used to market its camcorder range, in a variety of guises ever since its releasing. You can easily capture each special moment with the device, like shooting the move chasing your child. With professional-quality lenses and innovative image processors, Sony Handycam has been one of best professional choices by buyers to record excellent videos, which offer you sharper, more detailed and more colorful memories. If you have used Sony Handycam for a long time, you may store lots of videos on its memory card. Then, what if you have accidentally deleted some videos from the camcorder?

    Is there any possibility to get back the camcorder videos? The answer is yes! When you directly deleted video files from the camcorder, the deleted videos will become invisible because there is no recycle bin on the camcorder to store the deleted files. But they are not really erased from the camcorder but just be marked as deleted by the storage system and the space where they occupied is available to be overwritten by new files. Therefore, you are fully capable of recovering deleted video files from Sony camcorders as long as they haven't been overwritten by new data.

    Just stop using your Sony Handycam to capture new videos and take out its memory card to a safe place. Before doing anything else, get a professional Sony Handycam video recovery program like iPubsoft Data Recovery (Windows 8/7/XP) or iPubsoft Data Recovery for Mac (OS 10.9 or later) to help you recover deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted videos, as well as other files like photos, from Sony camcorders like Sony Handycam, 3D camcorder and more. The recovering operation process just takes you a few minutes and it will perfectly keep the original quality of the recovered videos. Next, let's try the video recovery for Windows together to check steps in detail.

    Almost any external hard drive, SD card, mobile phone, USB Flash drive, digital camera and MP3/MP4 player can be supported by this Data Recovery software. Download it to have a try.

    download windows versiondownload mac version

    How to Retrieve Deleted/Lost Video Files from Sony Handycam/3D Camcorder?

    Step 1: Connect Sony Handycam to PC and Run software

    Connect your Sony Handycam camcorder or its memory card to the computer via USB or a card reader. Launch the video recovery software and choose one recovery among the 4 recovery modes provided by the software. You can choose the first Deleted Recovery mode at first. If failed, you can try the Raw Recovery, which will perform the deepest scan on your camcorder. Click the "Next" button to continue.

    launch software

    Step 2: Scan lost videos from Sony camcorder/memory card

    Here, your Sony Handycam or its memory card will appear as a drive letter in the program window. Select it and click the "Scan" button on the lower right corner to start scanning lost files on it.


    Step 3: Preview and recover videos you want selectively

    After the scan, you can go through all scanned file folders on the left side of the window to find you lost videos, and preview them on the right-side window to check your wanted videos. After marking all the videos you need, you can click the button of "Recover" to recover them all with one click.

    select files

    Note: Never save the recovered videos on your Sony camcorder or the original memory stick where you lost them before. Just find another place for them like on your computer or other external disk, for safety's sake.

    download windows versiondownload mac version


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