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    How to Recover Lost Data from Memorex Travel Drive?

    Is it possible to recover lost data from Memorex Storage Device?

    Recently, I got my Memorex travel drive crashed. All the data it had stored within is lost. It includes everything from my High school days and college life memories captured. So, is there any way to retrieve the data back? I am more concerned of the photo files that were in it.

    No matter your data in your storage device got lost, deleted, formatted, crashed, etc. We need to know first: the lost data are still on your device but invisible and inaccessible. It is just marked as unreadable data and you are able to recover them by using third-party software before it is overwritten by new data. Therefore, it is very important to stop using your Travel drive and look for a professional Memorex data recovery program to help you.

    How to Recover Data from Memorex Travel Drive?

    Since storage devices are becoming more and more popular, the data loss issue is also getting to be more and more common. Then, what we can do to prevent data loss from our devices and what to do if we have already got a data loss issue on a storage device?

    Solution 1. Backup your Memorex Travel Drive Regularly

    Prevention is the best measure to avoid data loss from your Memorex storage device. That's why we should backup our Memorex travel drive regularly. Backing up the content on a Memorex drive is quite simple: Connect your Memorex travel drive to your computer and then copy and paste the data to a folder in your computer. To increase the safety degree, you'd better backup all valuable data on at least two physical locations.

    If you saved private information on your Memorex storage device, it is a good idea to encrypt the information by using third-party encrypting software.

    Solution 2. Restore Lost Files from Memorex Storage Devices

    If unfortunately you have already got your data lost from Memorex hard drive, you have to find a third-party program to help you immediately. iPubsoft Data Recovery or iPubsoft Data Recovery for Mac is regarded as the best option for recovering lost, deleted, formatted, corrupted and damaged data from your Memorex travel drive USB or other external hard drives. All kinds of files, including photos, videos, audio files and documents can be recovered by this tool.

    download windows versiondownload mac version

    General steps:

    1. Launch the iPubsoft Memorex Data Recovery, choose a recovery mode based on how your files are lost.
    2. Click "Scan" to bring out all your lost files on your Memorex hard drive.
    3. Mark the files you need and start the recovery task by clicking the button of "Recover".

    launch software

    Tips: During the recovery process, you should be asked where you want to save the recovered data. Remember to save them on your computer or other external disk, instead of the Seagate hard drive, for safety reasons. Now, try iPubsoft Data Recovery to recover data from Memorex travel drive quickly and safely.

    Download Data Recovery Free Trial Version >>

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