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    How to Recover Deleted NTFS & FAT Files?

    What is the difference between FAT and NTFS?

    Before the launch of FAT32 file system, PC usually uses the FAT16 file system. As based on ms-dos, Windows 95 system are adopted FAT16 file system. Under the Windows 9x, FAT16 supports up to 2GB of partition. We know that the computer will keep information on the hard drive called "clusters" area. Smaller the cluster is, the higher efficiency the saving of the information. Under the condition of the FAT16, cluster is keeping increased with the enlarge of partition and the storage efficiency is becoming lower, which is bound to cause the waste of storage space. And with the continuous improvement of computer hardware and application, FAT16 file system can not adapt to the request of the system very well. In such a case, the increased FAT32 file system is introduced.

    If you accidentally deleted important data from NTFS or FAT drive, just stop worrying and keep calm. iPubsoft Data Recovery will restore the lost files from damaged or formatted NTFS/FAT drive with a few simple clicks. There are other advantages in recovering NTFS files, by being able to analyze aggregative model and symbolic content. iPubsoft Data Recovery can scan deeply and quickly and restore the data from segments left from damaged disc, formatted NTFS partition. More and more users select iPubsoft as the No. 1 recovery software to keep in CD in hand. It is available and useful for users to send to the one who needs at any time.

    iPubsoft Data Recovery supports recovering data from any storage device on Windows PC that are running with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista. If you want to recover files from any Mac based device, you can go to get the iPubsoft Data Recovery for Mac.

    Way to Recover Deleted Files/Folder from NTFS & FAT Partitions

    Hints: First of all, you should download the free trial version of the Data Recovery on your Windows computer. Please do not to install the program on the partition where you lost files in case of data overwritten.

    download windows versiondownload to recover 3gp mac

    Step 1: Run the recovery program and choose recovery mode

    Download and install the recovery software on your computer, launch it and there are 4 recovery modes available. To recover data from FAT and NTFS drives, you can choose "Raw Recovery" at first and click the button of "Next" to start the data recovery process.

    launch software

    Step 2: Scan the FAT/NTFS partition for lost files

    Select the FAT and NTFS partitions from which you lost the files and then click the "Scan" button to search all the lost data on this partition. After the scan completed, all the files found back are well listed in the result panel.


    Step 3: Ready to retrieve NTFS/FAT data selectively

    Preview these files and check the files that you want to get back. After that, you can click the button of "Recover" to start the recovery process.

    select files

    Usually, by now, users can find that most of lost data can be recovered perfectly from their devices by using iPubsoft Data Recovery. Surely, with software upgrading in the future, more functions will be developed and launched in the public soon.

    download windows versiondownload to recover 3gp mac


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