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    How to Repair PDF Files for Free?

    repair pdfJust like any other computer file types, a PDF file can also become corrupted or inaccessible due to various reasons, such as application crash, virus attack, hard system reboot or other breakdowns. A corrupted PDF file cannot be opened in the normal way. If you want to use a compatible program to open a corrupted PDF file without errors, you need to find a PDF repair for Mac or Windows to fix PDF at first.

    Well, how to repair corrupted PDF files? It is no need to download or install third-party software. Here we can use online PDF repair software to fix PDF documents for free. Below is the step-by-step guide showing you how to repair PDF files with online PDF repair for Mac OS X and Windows.

    Simple Steps to Repair PDF Files on Mac OS X / Windows

    There are many online PDF repair tools available in the web. Here we introduce PDF Repair Tool which is a clean and reliable online program to help you fix PDF.

    Step 1. Enter PDF Tools Website

    Open your Web browser and enter the site of PDF Repair Tool (https://www.pdf-tools.com/osa/repair.aspx). Press "Enter" key and wait for the site to load.

    Step 2. Upload Your Corrupted PDFs

    Click the button of "Choose File" to browse and load the target PDF files. Click "Open" to upload the PDF files and then, press the "Load PDF" button to continue.

    fix pdf

    Step 3. Start to Repair PDF Files

    Here is a section below allowing you to choose which option you want to do with the imported PDF files. Such as analyze only, recover cross reference table, recover pages, rebuild streams or rebuild fonts. Here we should choose "Recover Pages" and click "Execute...".

    repair pdf files

    Step 4. Save Repaired PDF to Your Computer

    Read the text that displays in the next section to make sure whether all the PDF contents have been fixed. If so, just click the button of "Save As" to save the repaired PDF to your computer.

    By the way, we also wrote articles about how to crop PDF pages and how to divide PDF into parts so as to share some important parts from a big PDF file with online friend via email easily and fast, with the help from smart iPubsoft PDF Splitter or PDF Splitter for Mac.