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    How Do You Turn TIFF into PDF Format Files?

    As a matter of fact, a scanner can help to digitize paper files as large TIFF images easily. The problem is if you once want to have better use of these TIFF files, you may have to change these large TIFF files into PDF. There are many ways you can choose once you have the plan to turn TIFF images into PDF. Here, in this article, you will find some solutions to turn TIFF into PDF with ease. Go ahead to check if there is any method can help you according to your actual situation now!

    Method 1: Turn TIFF Files into PDF with Photoshop

    If you have access to something like Photoshop on your computer, then the task to change a single TIFF image to PDF would be quite easy for you. All what you need to do is just to import the source TIFF file into the Photoshop and then resave it as a PDF file instantly.

    Note: This way can only help you to turn TIFF into PDF one after one. So, it can only fit you once you only have a few TIFF files needed to be saved as PDF.

    Method 2: Change TIFF Images to PDF with Online Converters

    There are many online services can do you a favor in the file conversion from TIFF to format PDF. Here I'd like to share you with my choices often used. Hope these online converters can also meet your needs! If you have stable network support, then services, then you can give a try to these online solutions.

    1. online2pdf.com

    As the domain hinted, this website is rightly an online solution for you to convert files from kinds of formats to PDF. The advantage of this online converter is that you can convert up to 10 files (even in different formats) to PDF for each time. But all files together should not exceed 150MB and any single file size should be smaller than 25MB.

    2. convertfiles.com

    This is a good online solution to make the conversions for types of files. You can easily turn TIFF into PDF with it by following the info displayed on the page. The only defect of this online service is that you can only work with one TIFF image only for each conversion.

    3. zamzar.com

    If you want to change TIFF images to PDF free online, then zamzar.com would be a website you should not miss. As long as your source TIFF files together less than 100MB, you can upload 5 files for each conversion. Please note, this service requires you to enter an email address for downloading the converted PDF files. If you don't want to offer your email address to any service, then this way would not fit you.

    Method 3: Turn TIFF into PDF with Professional Program

    Once you have a great number of TIFF images needed to turn into PDF, not any solution mentioned above would be your good choice. The best and most effortless way to convert a bunch of TIFF files to PDF would be using a professional program which can support the batch conversion from image to PDF files. The all-around PDF Creator is just such a desktop app which can do you a favor to convert multiple TIFF images to PDF within simple steps as well as add TIFFs into the program, define output folder and then start conversion.


    Just as described above, each method can help you to turn TIFF into PDF. But no matter which way you choose, there are the advantages and disadvantages. For personal reasons, I prefer to use the last method. Even the program cost me a little, it saves me great time and efforts from converting my TIFF images to PDF in batch. If you also interested in the professional software, then you can rightly have a try to it now!

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