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    3 Ways of How to Save Web Page as PDF

    There are some users emailed to us, asking, "Why does your PDF creator have no HTML support? How to convert HTML pages into Adobe PDF format?" Currently, our PDF creator program has no the ability of saving web pages into PDF. But this article shows you several alternative ways to save web page as PDF for free.

    Way1: Convert webpage to PDF Online

    pdfcrowd.com lets you convert web pages or uploaded HTML files directly in your web browser. This site has options for PDF such as page size, PDF security, PDF margins, HTML options, etc. But the options function is only available if you get a license. After conversion, the result will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

    htm2pdf.co.uk is also a free tool which allows you to convert HTML to PDF online. After conversion, it will provide you a link "Download your PDF". Click it to get the result.

    web2pdfconvert.com helps Internet users, website publishers and bloggers to save their content to PDF and then share, print or archive it. It provide PDF options before conversion.

    html-pdf-converter.com is also a simple converter. No need to install any applications on your computer. But the conversion speed is a little bit slow.

    Side-by-side Comparison
      Overall Auto-Download after conversion PDF options Watermark Speed
    pdfcrowd.com 5 star support support Yes 5 star
    htm2pdf.co.uk 4 star     No 5 star
    web2pdfconvert.com 4 star   support Yes 5 star
    html-pdf-converter.com 3 star support   Yes 4 star

    I tried above 4 sites with our URL: www.ipubsoft.com. The converted results are satisfying. But we recommend the first one, because it provides PDF options and has no watermark in the resulting PDF.

    Way2: Save webpage as PDF with plugins

    To create PDF from webpages, you can also use plugins for web browers.

    For FireFox, please get the adds-on plugin here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/save-as-pdf/. Then you can save webpage as PDF with Firefox.
    For Chrome, please get the plugin here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/save-as-pdf/kpdjmbiefanbdgnkcikhllpmjnnllbbc. Then you will be able to save webpages as PDF from Chrome.

    Way3: Print webpage to PDF

    Here, we take Microsoft Internet Explorer as an example. Follow the steps to print webpage as Adobe PDF format:

    1) Open a website or stan on a webpage. Click File > Print, from the main menu.
    2) Select "Virtual PDF Printer". If you need to adjust PDF generation options, click the "Property" button on the right.
    3) In the pop-up dialogue window, assign the folder and file name of the PDF document to be generated. Click Save.

    Print webpage to PDF