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    List of Free PDF Combiners

    If you want to combine two or more PDFs into one, a PDF combiner, or PDF merger, or PDF joiner will be required. In this article, I will show you several programs or sites which enables you to merge PDF documents for FREE.

    Important: The following free PDF combiners can NOT join PDF files which have password protection. iPubsoft PDF Password Remover is able to unlock PDF password restriction.

    Desktop Free PDF Mergers

    In the market, there are many software developers who developed programs for us to merge PDF files. However, most of them are not free. After searching for the Internet for a long time, I finally found 2 tools which are totally free.

    1. PDFBinder

    This is a simple tool that lets you merge any number of PDF documents into one, without having to resort to slow, user-unfriendly, expensive software. Just click Add file button to import PDF files, then click Bind! button to start merging. Select an output folder to save the merged file. A visual progress bar on the bottom will show you how much is done. After merging, the resulting PDF will be automatically opened.

    System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win7

    free pdf combiner program

    I tested PDFBinder on my computer (Windows 7), This smart program does work without any problems. And the installation is very fast.

    2. PDFill PDF Tools

    This free tool has nice, clean user interface. It covers most functions, including merge PDF, split PDF, rotate or crop PDF pages, add watermark, convert JPEG images to PDF, add PDF information, and more. This program is not stand-alone, because it required Adobe Reader and GhostScript installed. And please note, PDFill PDF Tools comes bundled with PDFill PDF Editor, which is not free.

    System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win7

    free pdf joiner program

    I tried PDFill PDF Tools on my computer (Windows 7). The installation is very, very slow. One think I don't like is that it is automatically bundled with PDF Editor.

    Online Free PDF Combiners

    Following are top 3 sites where you can combine multiple PDF documents into one single. No installation, no registration, free and easy to use.

    1. foxyutils.com/mergepdf/

    FoxyUtils specializes in creating and maintaining webservices. Their current products are 2 services: Merge and Split PDFs. Mergepdf service enables you to combines PDF documents into a single one, free of charge. All you need to do is selecting the PDF documents that you want to merge together on your computer and click a button. But please note, the maximum total size of all uploaded files for merge is 50MB.

    free online pdf joiner

    2. PDFMerge!

    PDFMerge! is a free web site that lets you merge 2 or more PDF files. Free for files up to 15MB. Visit the site with IE, FireFox, Chrome or other explorers, click "Choose File" to select the first PDF you want to include in your merged document. Repeat for each additional PDF file. Then click "Merge!" button. Finally, download the resulting merged PDF.

    3. ilovepdf.com

    The online tool is also very simple to use: Upload PDF files which you want to merge. The order of choise will be the order in which they will merge. Then click on merge button. A few seconds later, you will be able to download your merged PDF file, which will remain saved in ilovepdf.com for 60 minutes and can be shared with everyone in the download page. Please note, this online PDF merger only allows you to merge up to 10 PDFs into one. And each PDF uploaded needs to be under 8 megabytes.

    online pdf merger free

    Tips: To comine more files without limitation in a much faster speed, then you may try out the specially developed iPubsoft PDF Combiner. This software enables you to merge multiple PDF files together without quantity limitations. Enjoy now!