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    iPubsoft PDF Splitter

    User Manuals - How to Split PDF Documents into Multiple Files?

    Once a PDF document contains too much information to handle at once, it would be a good way to split the large PDF file into several smaller ones to take better control of wanted information. Using iPubsoft PDF Splitter, you will be able to easily split a multi-page PDF file averagely by given specific page number interval or directly set and split your wanted PDF page ranges for better using. The following contents are going to tell you the details of how to split PDF documents easily and quickly with this specialized PDF splitting software. Now, let's start!

    What do you need to split PDF files?
    Software: iPubsoft PDF Splitter
    OS Support: Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
    Hardware Requirements: 100 MB or more; 256 MB or above.

    1 Load PDF Files

    Install and run the PDF Splitter on your computer. Once you see the interface as below, you can then click "Add File" or "Add Folder" button browse, select and load your want to split PDF files into the program from a local folder.

    how to split pdf documents step 1

    Once the files loaded successfully, you will see the main file info in the left file list area, including File Name, Size, Total Pages, Output Type, and Status.

    Hints: You can also directly drag and drop your source PDF documents into the program. Or you can also click the "File" from the menu bar to select "Add Files" or "Add Folder" to load your target PDF files. By the way, you can also delete your unwanted files by clicking the already provided "Delete" or "Clear All" button.

    2Custom Settings

    To split PDF documents, you can click the icon beside the imported PDF document in the file list to choose a proper splitting mode. You can choose to split the source PDF file by specific page number interval, split averagely to a centain number of PDF files, or exactly split by page ranges to one PDF file. Here you can also check the box of "Apply the split method to all files" to split all the source PDF files in the same mode.

    select mode to split pdf files

    3Define Output Folder

    By default, this program will save the splitted files in the source folder. If you once want to save the splitted PDF files in an other folder, you can first choose "Customize" and then click "Browse" to set one.

    define output destination

    4 Split PDF Files

    After all necessary settings, you can then click on the big "Start" icon from the lower right corner of the program interface to separate PDF documents into multiple small PDF files as you've set.

    Hints: Once start splitting PDF files, the "Start" button will turn to a "Stop" button, which you can click to stop the process. If you once stop the PDF splitting, you will see a mark of "Failed", "Stop" or "Not Processed" behind each file in the "Status" portion according to the actual situation.

    The status bar behind each source PDF file will show you the exact rate of progress for the splitting process. Once all the status bars turn to 100%, it means the program has finished the PDF splitting for you. After that, you can hit the "Open" button to access to the output folder quickly to check the splitted PDF files.

    What People Say?

    "You've provided a superb PDF tool. It relieves my headache of splitting my large-sized PDF file intelligently. It is a little lovey cost-effective app."- By Sonne

    "Your PDF Splitter works so fast to split my PDF document. Its intuitive interface made the operations quite easy for me. That's great! Thanks. "- From Austin


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