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    Permanent Solution to Clear All Content from iPhone 5S/5/4S/4/3GS

    It’s known to all that the Apple company produces different types of widely used electronic devices, which are computers, iPads, and iPhones. The most portable type will be iPhone. Millions of people from all over the world own such phones of different generations. If you’re one of them, I believe you must have pleasant experiences using these products, for they’re multifunctional, useful and fashionable. And you can also use iPhone as a portable storage device to save your valuable photos, videos, notes, contacts, text messages and so on.

    As there’re always new iPhones launched by Apple, lots of consumers will choose to substitute the old ones for the new ones to follow the trend, and many of them will sell their old ones on the resale market. In this case, they will need to permanently clear the data or contents on their iPhones. In addition, there’re also other situations where they need to do so, for example, when they have taken or made silly, ugly, embarrassing photos or videos that they don’t want others to see, downloaded the wrong applications or software, or want to spare some more space for other files.

    Why simple deletion and restoring are not recommended?

    Well, if you just press the "Delete" option to specific file, the deleted file is just marked as "Deleted" by this system. It can be recovered back by data recovery software unless it has been overwritten by new data. The same reasoning applies for files erased by restoring iPhone to factory settings. To clear data from iPhone permanently without the possibility of recovery, we strongly recommend you use iPubsoft iPhone Data Eraser (for Windows 8/7) or iPubsoft iPhone Data Eraser for Mac (for Mac OS X 10.8 or later).

    It can not only help you erase everything like contacts, SMS, videos, photos, account info, password, emails, etc. from iPhone, but also rewrite them with random files so as to thoroughly rule out the possibility of recovery. All iPhone models, including iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, etc. First of all, you can download the free trial of the software on your Windows or Mac computer to have a try. Then, follow the guide below to erase all data from your iPhone. The operations on Mac and PC are almost similar.

    download windows versiondownload mac version

    0 Possibility of Recovery to Clear All Data from iPhone 5S/5C/4S/3GS

    Note: The deletion performed by iPhone data eraser is permanently, so we kindly suggest you backup your important data via iTunes, iCloud or professional iPhone backup software - iPhone to Computer Transfer. Then, you can follow the steps below to clear everything from iPhone with one click.

    Step 1. Connect iPhone to Computer and Run Program
    Download and install iPhone Data Eraser, launch it to get ready. Get out your old iPhone from which you want to delete data and connect it to your computer with Apple provided USB cord. Once the connection is successful, the program will detect your iPhone automatically and show all the contained data on the main interface.

    launch tool

    Step 2: Choose Your Wanted Data Erasing Level
    The program provides you with three levels of data erasing. The first level will erase your iPhone data quickly to save your time. The second level will leave no traceability of data erasure and use random data to overwrite all existing and deleted data on your iPhone. The third level is the most secure option which will write over the data 3 times. You can directly use the default second level.

    select files to delete

    Step 3: Start to erase your iPhone
    At last, what you need to do is giving a click on the option of "erase all data and settings" to delete all data from your iPhone 5S/5C/4S/3GS instantly. The whole process of data erasing will be finished soon. Please keep your iPhone connected during the whole process.

    Nothing can be detected or recovered from your iPhone after you wipe it with iPubsoft iPhone Data Eraser, no matter how powerful the recovery software is! Pretty awesome! Right? Download it to have a try!

    download windows versiondownload mac version